TV shows about music

Just saw the CNN special on Linda Ronstadt, “The Sound of My Voice”
Very nice and sensitive piece. They showed how she did Gilbert and Sullivan, and also a Mariachi album. The latter was interesting. I ran out to buy her album FRENESÍ, “Songs of My Father” when it came out, winning a 1992 Grammy. Still one of my favorite albums. Remastered in 2016, I’ve only heard my original vinyl.


The high cost of entry in recording made places like this successful:

MP3s, home PCs, and Behringer mics ended this era in the 1990s. “Young 'uns just don’t understand.”


I loved this one as well.

The most recent other show I’ve watched was Ken Burns’ Country Music, which, regardless of one’s feelings about country, was a masterpiece of cultural storytelling.

I recently watched docs on Joe Cocker and Glen Campbell, which were also very good. Can’t go wrong with the classic music docs, either - Mad Dogs and Englishmen, Gimme Shelter, The Last Waltz, etc.


Best rock documentary for me is “Don’t Stop Believing - Everyman’s Journey” by Ramona Diaz. Won category at Tribeca in I think 2012 or 13. Warner Brothers will be coming out with something on Arnel Pineda sometime in the future.

The film is sometimes on Netflix, and may be on Amazon Prime. Also Apple Music. Rarely on PBS.

I’ve just watched a documentary on Sky Arts HD called “The Decade That Music Died”. A celebration of the musical greats that passed in the last decade. A great watch. Very nostalgic.