AMB Laboratories β22 Headphone Amp

Thanks for the tips, and words on patience. Not my strongest attribute in most things.

I have much to learn before I jump into a project of this complexity, as such I am also exploring other kits to build for practice and something which can be used in hifi set up.

It may not be until a year from now, ideally it was something I thought about doing over the winter, maybe next summer instead.


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I’ve been the happy owner of a 4-channel B22 for going on 10 years now. Still the best solid state headphone amp I’ve ever heard, and will optimally drive ANYTHING out there. All the work you’re putting towards it, will be greatly rewarded once you hear it.

Congrats on your journey.


Thank you for the insight, the journey for me will be a long one on this I fear. Luckily my brother-in-law is an EE so perhaps him and I can build it together and I can learn a bit along the way.

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Maybe you should try the WHAMMY first. Comes with all parts, step by step documentation and a ton of support on the DIY forum.

Not sure if this was directed at me, I have looked at that too. The kit seems to be perpetually out of stock. Also the AMB line has some complementary components, power amp/pre-amp, which I may want to expand into someday.

Yeah it was. Just a suggestion for an easier build that you may want to do before jumping into the B22. The circuit board is available as is the BOM. Really the difference between this amp and the B22 (in terms of building it) is the availability of step by step instructions. Also, unlike the B22 there’s just a single configuration (you could go nuts with it later if you wanted to). Anyway, I’m not here to push you in one direction or another, they’re both good amps.

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I appreciate the suggestion, more I think about it I should keep my eye on the kit and snag one when it becomes available.
Thanks again!

Easiest build to start with is the Millet NyHybrid. Far and away the easiest and it sounds good too. You can order the board and the tube from Pete on ebay and there are some BOMs floating around so you can buy everything from mouser.


The Millet piqued my interest so I searched the website. There’s a new Korg NuTube portable amp kit :

In an absolute sense these sub $10 micro amps are the easiest, but not something you’d want to use. I used the LM386 mono amp to calibrate my soldering iron temperature setting to the actual melting point of solder, and it worked fine for that.

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