AMB Laboratories β22 Headphone Amp

A fully discrete class A amp. The β22 stereo amplifier

This will be a work in progress for quite a while. I’m looking forward to how I’m going to mess this one up.

What to use it as a power amp for speakers? You can do that, but I believe the primary intent is for headphones or as a preamp. There are multiple configurations possible. I’m going with the 3-channel design which has an “active ground.” σ22 will be in the same chassis because I drew my laziness line there.


Following this… been looking at building one myself for the HE6.


I’m ordering stuff now. I would recommend ordering whatever amb sells on the parts list from amb. Most of the parts they sell aren’t readily available from the usual retailers. Even if there’s a mouser or digikey part number, it is easier to order from amb.

Chassis is on order from par-metal and I’ll show that when I get it.

My cart is almost full at mouser.

And I haven’t figured out standoffs and stuff. I’m waiting for the chassis to figure out where things will go before I figure out what I need here.

Total budget for this project is looking to be about $600. $300 for boards and parts at amb, 75-100 for a chassis at par-metal, and nearly $200 at mouser.


Look I bought a box with holes in it


Starting. I have realized a project isn’t done right until you have to order something from mouser you forgot the fist time.


An hour here, an hour there. After the mosfets and heat sinks, I have to do wires and drill so complications are about to start.