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This is the master index for all headphone amplifiers (as defined below). Each entry here links to an index of reviews, impressions and comparisons of a particular model of amplifier.

Manufacturer Model Type
Holo Audio Azure Solid-State
SPL Phonitor x Solid-State

"Amplifier" Definition:

Pure amplifiers and amplifiers that can accept optional internal source modules, such as DAC cards, are categorized as “Amplifiers” and belong in this index, provided that a) their primary purpose is not to act as an amplifier for one such module and b) they have at least one, selectable, external input.

For example, the SPL Phonitor x and Schiit Jotunheim can both accept internal DAC modules but their primary purpose is to act as an amplifier for external sources. Where as the Holo Audio CYAN is categorized as a DAC/Amp as it’s internal amplifier can only use the integral DAC as a source (no external inputs).

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