DAC/Amp - Index

This is the master index for all headphone DAC/Amps (as defined below). Each entry here links to an index of reviews, impressions and comparisons of a particular model of DAC/Amp.

Manufacturer Model Type
AudioQuest Dragonfly Black USB/Portable
Focal Arche PCM & DSD
Holo Audio CYAN PCM & DSD
iFi Audio Nano iDSD Black Label USB/Portable

"DAC/Amp" Definition:

DACs that have built-in, dedicated, variable-level headphone outputs/amplifiers, but have no external input options, are considered to be “DAC/Amps”.

For example, the Holo Audio CYAN and RME ADI-2 DAC are classified as “DAC/Amps” as they both have built-in headphone output/amplifiers but cannot accept additional inputs. Where as the SPL Phonitor x or Schiit Jotunheim are considered to be “Amplifiers” as, while can both accept optional internal DAC modules, their primary purpose is to act as an amplifier for external sources.