Ampsandsound Kenzie Encore

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The Kenzie Encore is a deluxe model with input transformers.
I have a Kenzie Encore in good condition with a healthy assortment of tubes. Shows some cosmetic oxidation on top of the transformers which is common. In fine cosmetic and sonic condition. The most romantic headphone amplifier I have found with good preamp capabilities. I decided to go with a pricier tube amp and solid state headphone amplifiers.

Here’s the low-down on the extra tubes I have…

Driver tubes:

  • Telefunken NOS ECC801S

  • Siemens NOS E81CC 1960’s

  • RCA NOS Gray Glass 12SL7GT

  • Adapter for 12AU7/12AX7-to-12SL7

  • Raytheon JAN-5755 (2 pcs)

  • Adapter for 5755-to-12SL7

Power tubes:

  • RCA NOS 12B4A x 2
  • Adapter for 12B4A-to-1626

They’ve all been burned in between 100-200 hours, except the RCA 12B4A’s which I ran for like 2, right before I decided to sell the amp.

At the bottom of this message, I’ve also attached screenshots of the webpages from which I originally ordered them all.

The Telefunken and Siemens 12AT7-based tubes seem to be liked the most on the forums, and gave me a more tubey/bloomy midrange.

The 5755/12B4A combo has been discussed most recently by Justin on the ampsandsound and Kenzie threads, and deliver a little more power, which gave me nice results with the LCD4.

I kind of liked the Telefunken tube with the stock RCAs the best, followed closely by the stock configuration and the Raytheon 5755 + RCA 12B4A’s. Generally though, the differences are pretty subtle.



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