Burson Funk Headphone+Speaker Amp

For those looking for a nice speaker amp for their Kef LS50 speakers or similar while still wanting a Burson headphone amp, there is now Burson Funk.

Burson is having a pre-order promo until March 1, worth $245 discount in upgrades:

I am debating whether to get this or not, but those who know for sure, should get in on the promo…


I’m thinking about this too! Want to replace my Kef LSX…

Funny I stumbled across this… I was just going to ask opinions about the lsx wireless. My local bestbuy has an open-box for $875. I planned on saving up for LS50 wireless 2’s but these got me curious. Thoughts/opinions ? Thanks in advance


I think they sound great and look fantastic (I have the red one). But it is plagued with poor user experience…the initial setup can be horrible and the remote sucks (it literally feels like a hollow piece of plastic). Anyway, would I recommend them? Only if you NEED the compact size and dig the aesthetics. Other than that, not really. For $875 open-box, I personally think it’s still too much. They have fantastic imaging and soundstage when placed properly though. Lmk if you have any more questions about the lsx…


Thanks for the advice. I did see a lot of complaints about connecting, setup, WiFi, etc, like you experienced. Think I’ll wait till I can get something I won’t feel I need to upgrade too soon. What I really want is those Buchardt A500’s. Hear nothing but good things about them…little out of the range of what I want to spend though.:laughing:


I have the exact same thought!..I lust after those Buchardt but don’t have that kind of budget. What I’m looking at right now are some passive LS50 metas (which are sold-out), focal shape series, and barefoot output frontier. Leaning more into the focals since they’re the most convenient for me, and I hear they’re excellent for a standard 2-ch setup as well. Unfortunately, I don’t think anybody has experience with these on this forum so I’ll be going blind. Then again it is Focal, so they should know what they’re doing.


These days, I am a bit skeptical due to these massive youtube/social media onslaught of reviews of the same audio gear at the same time (e.g. Kef LS50 meta), leading to so much hype. I guess the marketing departments know what they doing, seeing how the Buchardt and Kef stuff keep selling so well after media blitz.
After the initial hype, I do see some reviews that are more measured. Kef LS50 Meta vs LS50:


As you should be, of course. But the originals were a classic so I think it’s safe to assume the metas would be a step-up. Of course personal experience will be the best judge of that.

I see one fatal flaw with this Burson Funk…no remote as far as I’m aware. If you were to use this as a speaker amp, placement is limited (especially for those using a laptop as their desktop).

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Did you ever get a Funk? I’m intrigued by this for two reasons: (1) to compare its Class-A headphone amp versus my similar Class-A RebelAmp, and (2) to meet all of my speaker needs a compact format.


Some random dude on YT made a little impressions vid on the Funk. Never heard of the guy but it was a good vid! :wink:

Shout out to @TylersEclectic enjoyed the vid!


Here is a link to my impressions of the Burson Audio Funk


Has anyone tried using sparkos op amps with the burson funk?

Guys, check out Grover’s recent vid on the Funk. Loved the intro :smiley: