Ampsandsound Mogwai

What headphone input do you use? The highest?

I found a fairly cheap ss rectifier to plug in but need to run it across Justin first. I’m very interested in your tube compliment.

Do you have any amps to compare the mogwai to?

8ohm for planars, 32ohm for pretty much everything else.

I tried the high z output on zmfs and hd 800, noise floor is still noticeable on that tap so I haven’t gone back to it.


I’ve mostly been using a full SS chain for the last few years.

I have an older WA6SE lying around (not used much, fairly neutral-ish sounding with stock tube compliment) and a fairly rare HADAudiolab Maestral III that I also don’t use much (its 230V so I need to whip out the transformer when I want to use it…).

Between the Mog, Woo, and HAD, the Mog was by far the noisiest when it arrived. The Maestral is dead quiet at normal listening levels, but its also the weakest of the three. WA6SE has a noticeable noise floor on the high gain mode, but again not as noisy as Mog from any tap (using stock 6L6, and 6SL7).

For straight musicality/enjoyment, the Mog has the others beat for sure. The Woo for me just comes across as a bit dry in comparison. The Maestral actually comes close in terms of, er, wetness/tube gooeyness but doesn’t have the same detail in the higher frequencies that the Mog is still capable of reproducing.


Just dropping a quick note for the Mogwai SE. I probably have about 12 hours on it now and I have to admit that the combo with Bifrost 2 + Verite Closed is fantastic! It’s so full and musical. So many nuances and notes in songs now that I just noticed. Will write more about this combo in the future. Oh and i’m using the high Z; found it more dynamic and musical.

the only change so far is replacing the JJ GZ34 rectifier with an RCA 5UGB. So tubes are:
Tung-Sol 6L6GC STR
Tung-Sol 6SL7 GT

Replacing the rectifier did reduce the noise floor significantly. With music off, any noise is hardly noticeable. I may look in to a 12au7 in the future.

And I love how the pelican case that the amp came in can fit both my kids in it. lol


Ive been jamming the 6L6 STR’s lately too!

I wonder if we should have a general ampsandsound official thread? I feel too new to ask and not even sure who to ask…I think there are more and more owners every week here. I have been basking in the warm glow of tubes and the warmer glow of Eikons out of the 32 ohm tap of my Ovation. Very interesting how much I like the lower impedance, but I do not understand the physics of it. All I know is it sounds perfect to me for all genre of music.

I had another chat with Justin today about speakers and he gave me so much good advice and he’s such a good person making great amps.

Life is good with a tube amp…


I have been extensively comparing the mogwai og with the Pendant and Nautilus. I look forded to sharing my review of all three with you soon!


Can’t wait for your review.

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That’s a great idea. If you include the Pendant, a lot of forum members either own or have owned one of Jason’s amps. And you’re right, the popularity of his amps beyond the Pendant has noticeably risen over the last few months.

Why don’t you create the thread?


I didn’t think I was allowed, figuring a Core member or something had to, but I will look into it! Would be fun to consolidate in one place I think…I’ve definitely gained so much from this forum, a small way to give back since I will not be doing reviews, for sure. Thanks Dave.


There you guys go! @PaisleyUnderground @MokhaMark

There will always be individual pages for each product I believe for search reasons but like ZMF has an overall discussion area I created an overall discussion area for AmpsAndSound for you guys to discuss.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Marcello! This is great. Thank you, I would not have known where to begin. I hope you will fill some space here with all of your comparisons.


Can I use this pic! its LOVELY.


Haha of course, no problem Justin!