Woo Audio WA23 LUNA Headphone Tube Amplifier and Preamplifier

I didn’t see any info on the forum about this amp, and it is one that people should know about it is incredible.

I will let the mods create the official text I just wanted to add my impressions of it.


I think this amp is one of the two things that stood out to me the most at canjam socal. TBH I am not realy a fan of the woo sound (old or new) as a general rule (old too thick and new too sterile). The WA23 had some seriously amazing groove and dynamics to it while maintaining (what seemed like) similar technical abilities to the wa33 (best amp ive heard on a technical level by a fair ways, but I find it extremely boring tbh). A real real winner. Now if only they would make a wa23 for estats, the z10e may actualy have a propper competetor