Antdroid's In-Ear Monitor Ranking List & Impressions/Reviews

My IEM Ranking List is now live!

Antdroid Ranking List

Here is a quick price to score scatter plot. Pretty interesting I think. For the most part, I do think price scales but theres diminishing returns and of course plenty of bad ones in higher price groups too.

Picture Updated: 12-NOV-2021

Also here is the IEM Graph Tool for measurements data:


Interesting. So are the rankings re tonality, technical prowess and antgrade absolute or more relative to their price point? I’m assuming relative but just wanted clarification. It’s a big list. Good job :+1:t4:

no, its an attempt to be free of bias. I cant guarantee bias isnt involved though. AntGrade is semi-biased based on my personal experience with fit and function as well.

The Value score index, is a work in progress, but that score is supposed to factor in value performance. It probably needs more fine-tuning. Expensive IEMs cant really do well in this category, though some up to 1K can rank pretty highly.


Makes the clairvoyance and monarch quite the IEMs then. Intriguing.

Impressive body of work Antman! Replace the u12t and MEST with (respectively) the Andro 2020 and Solaris and I’ll sign right up :stuck_out_tongue: (FWIW I don’t think it’s possible to assign a tonality grade that isn’t mostly subjective, ie., based on a personal bias/preference). Anyway, that was an ejoyable and interesting read…thanks for sharing!


Yes, totally agree – you cant get rid of bias in any of the categories! It’s totally just my own personal list at the end of the day, and I hope everyone understands that. It would keep it more civil of course.

That said, I’m always happy to have a positive and healthy discussion (discourse?) on perceived differences. :slight_smile:

As you can see, I prefer 64 Audio over Campfire, but both make solid products! Obviously one cost a lot more than the other too.


I think at least some of the cost of 64’s IEMs is due to their proprietary tech that has nothing to do with SQ (Apex tech, for example). Campfire and 64 (and other brands too) each seem to have a distinct “house sound” or general tuning philosophy that resonates with different people in different ways. To use an analogy, I enjoy both Star Trek and Star Wars, but Star Wars strikes a deeper chord with me…not because it’s any better than Star Trek, but because it resonates more with me internally. I similarly connect with Campfire IEMs in a way that I just don’t, or haven’t yet, with any 64 Audio IEMs I have heard. This does not mean I think Campfire is objectively “better”-- I just that happen to vibe more with their products and general aesthetic. I imagine the same or similar is true for you in reverse. Also, I don’t think the cost of an IEM has any necessary connection to its worth or how enjoyable it is any more than the cost or amount of special effects in a movie determine how good it is.


@PastorOfMuppets that is the best username ever lmao…made me think of the album Hairway to Steven.


Nicely done. The Tin Hifi T4, Thieaudio Legacy 4, and Moondrop Blessing 2 look pretty attractive from a value for money perspective based on my survey of their price and scores in the 3 categories.

It might be interesting to see a mean or median for score and/or value by manufacturer.


That’s a nice idea. Would need to make a new column for brands but I dont think it’d be hard to make for next update.

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Awesome, thanks. I’m new to IEMs. Are you able to briefly compare those 3 I mentioned regarding technical performance or suggest a good resource I can check?


Oh, man, why’d you have to go and put up this list right after I ordered an EE Wraith, MMR Thummim, and Noble Sultan? C grades for each of them? Well, that’s ten grand down the drain. :wink:

Joking aside, the Thieaudio Clairvoyance and Monarch now look even more appealing - I’d read the positive reviews but this list really does bring out a sense of their value-to-performance qualities.

It’s also great to see that so many of your highest-ranking IEMs are new or fairly new to the market. I suspect we’re in a golden age for IEMs.


Yes. I reached the same conclusion.

This is a solid foundation for reporting and comparing your reviews. It’d be nice to integrate the data with click-through reviews too…!

New columns are a great idea. Is it possible to make the column headers clickable for sorting? Or are you willing to allow downloads for our own post-processing and analyses? Many of us probably want to focus on the best (or worst) next to their competitors on some random dimension.

Regarding the chart bunching up (i.e., many clustered on the left). Have you thought of a logarithmic scale transformation? Or, make it more readable by presenting sub-charts by quality class (e.g., S and A; B and C, D to F) or price (e.g., <$200, <$1,000, $1,000+)?

This is the quality breakout era for sure. For a long time IEMs were $$$$ custom devices for stage performers, or cheap ear buds. The growth of Chi-Fi brought the price for quality down. If not for that, the market would be dominated by Shure and mediocre Bose/Beats consumer products.


Yes of course!

LOL I was a tad worried when I first read this. :slight_smile:
The Chi-Fi market has really pushed other brands to improve. Good time for IEMs right now! A lot of innovation going on and price drops, which is good to see. Some innovation is marketing though, and some are really trying to improve the electrical designs and driver technologies.

Man. I posted these graphs as a Log scale originally to see how people would like it and everyone on discord audio forums were complaining they didnt know how to read it. So I switched it back for people to be more happy. I agree it makes more sense as a Log scale and you’ll see better trends that way too!

As far as clickable, that was the original intent. I will see how I can implement that better in the future. I may have to just use read-only google drive access to the actual file. The original idea was to also let users change the weighting system as well, but read-only doesnt allow that I believe. I’ll make a test page in the next couple days and see how it goes.


I have the T4 and they are a good IEM for the relative low cost.


Ok I made the price/rating scale back to a Log Base 10 scale with 10 lines for each area — hopefully you know how to read that. :slight_smile:


Way, way more logical that way! No model name labels?

Not sure I can do that in this Google Sheets version of my xlsx file.

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I like it! Similar to @generic, allowing viewers to sort and filter on the main page might be helpful for some.

Good stuff. What does your Fantasy Football draft cheat sheet look like? :upside_down_face:


I like the suggestions. Like I said, I ran into some limitations with Google Drive when I tried to let users do stuff to it, but maybe it was a setting I missed. I’ll do some testing and report back when I figure out how to make it work.

I do a lot of random excel spreadsheets for useless stuff hehe. For fantasy football, I havent played in a few years, but I make a College Football Management game for Android ( and I used a lot of excel to run a lot of statistics, creation of rosters and finding out trends to make my simulations more realistic NCAA stats.