Apple AirPods Max - New Over-Ear Headphones from Apple

This is the question. I should note, I did about 8 different sweeps, and two of them were outliers (looked REALLY weird). Normally I’d expect this to be just due to seal/position variation, but because of how unique this device is I wonder if that was part of it.

Still, this result was the most common one I got.


It looks like an Audeze and a Beats had a baby.


Exactly what it sounds like hahah


I’m a bit disappointed by the reported sound but these may be perfect for my wife. She uses a pair of Sony WH-H900N (similar to WH-1000XM3) for long Facetime calls but complains that her ears get hot and she can’t use in ear phones.

Any additional impressions on how well the Apple Airpods Max breathe is appreciated.

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So I should note that as Torq said, the tuning here will be different depending on if you’re able to go through the setup process with an apple device. We’ll be doing that soon, and then getting another measurement.


If you can measure it after setup, I think that would be a fairer measurement since that is the intended use. I hope it works out, I’d love to see ‘true’ measurements for these (with all of their tech enabled). :+1:t4:

Thanks Andrew.


Yup, I’m going to spend the next few days doing additional measurements in different situations. My other worry is that there may be an impact on coupling due to the vertical nature of the rig on the desk.


:heart: Everyone loves you for THAT :heart: :100:

I don’t know anyone who likes “to measure” like YOU do :+1: :hugs: :grinning:


There’s a lightning to 3.5mm connector…what about a lightning to lightning?..seems like a missed opportunity.


Which headphones are these, I missed it. Whoops, read AirPods thought it was AirPods, nvm lol

Has anyone checked out the M&D MW65. Kind of intrigued that they use beryllium drivers on those headphones, but they are probably up at the top of most expensive wireless headphones. These are 50 dollars more expensive than MW65.

Also really curious how Grado GW100.

Aren’t these basic upgraded beats? Makes it kind of skeptical.

I need a pair of wireless, wasn’t able to decide. Kind of moved away from Grado only cause they are open back, seems more like a indoor use set

Nice. How were they connected during the tests? From several youtube reviews, it seems like the airpod max’s sound improves when connected to an iphone vs a macbook. Is this true or is this more related to what @torq mentioned regarding the extra settings?

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This was just with Bluetooth and ANC on. I still have to test it with an apple device.

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Even testing them with an Apple device, specifically an iOS or iPad OS device, is still going to have some variability, as:

  1. The “Headphone Accommodations” will vary for everyone, since the effects are both dependent on which samples in each comparison pair that you choose.

  2. The settings appear to be something that are applied by the iPhone or iPad, to its audio output, rather than a profile that is loaded on to the headphones themselves. I’m not 100% sure about this (I’ll have to do some direct comparisons, but that’s how it looks at the moment.

The Sony’s, in contrast, store any EQ (etc.) profile on the headphone … so that stays active with any source.


Yes, I think it’s running ‘live’ corrections. At least that’s my understanding.

Should be interesting results.

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I connected the Lightning to 3.5mm to the Lightning to 3.5mm female and listened to Qobuz CD quality straight out of the iPhone as well as connected to the SMSL SP200 THX.

I’ve not noticed any difference in SQ when switch Apple sources (iPad Pro, iPhone 12 Pro, MacBook Pro).

Yes the always on is not going to appeal to some consumers. I’m still really enjoying my new Shure Aonic 50 which I really love so probably will wait & see what others impressions are first.


Yeah, I’ve noticed this is a nightmare to measure in general because it seems to be ‘correcting’ for coupling. It’s a great idea - especially for people with glasses, but it also makes things look super weird on the graph. I’ve done about 30 sweeps now each side, and it’s really a matter of picking the most consistent ones and throwing out the rest. I imagine that’ll also be the case when using apple devices. The main thing I’m hoping for is some ear gain when using the apple device. Because as of right now, this is kind of like an Audeze Beats hybrid haha.


Your results largely mirror my own.
Have you tried any of the spatial audio or Dolby Atmos files yet?
The result of the DSP is really something

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