Audeze iSine 20 + Fidue Sirius A91 both excellent condition - $550 for both or willing to trade both for LCD-i3

Price: $550 (for both sets, or willing to trade for LCD-i3)
Currency: USD
Ships to: USA, International

Both sets are in excellent condition, and come with all original accessories and packaging. iSine 20 also comes with V1 Cipher Cable. The Sirius A91 is a 5-Driver (1DD / 4 Knowles BA) TOTL hybrid that’s still retailing for $899 even 3 years after its release. Best sounding monitor I’ve owned as of yet, by far; has a warmer / neutral + extended treble with zero sibilance or fatigue sound sig. I believe the newer Meze Rai Penta are almost 100% a clone of the A91. Only selling / trading to afford the LCD-i3. Thanks!


Not a fan of in ear monitors due to fitting but when i owned a pair of isine20’s i really loved them and was amazed by their quality.

I absolutely get that, man. Seems like a whole lot of monitors have comfort issues, unfortunately. But for me the iSine series has thankfully been really comfortable, though I do use the ear hooks + the inner ear fins together. They really are some fantastic iems, though.

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For sure, i should of added a disclosure i dont really like iems due to any headphone going into my ear but i used the ear fins too and these were an exception as i loved these a lot.
I loved these headphones a lot!!

Not trying to crap on your sale post, more or less trying to explain that I’m a stickler when it comes to headphones going into my ear and eventhough i have that opinion, these were awesome and made me see past that problem i have. I was surprised how good iems could be after owning these.

Kind of wished I never sold them in the end lol

Lol I understand. I’m really only wanting the i3 as its said to have a bit more mid-bass and a little more of a warmer sound signature. Although I do use the Cipher Cable with the 20 and have EQ’d it to my liking, so I’m wondering how much of a difference there really would be with the i3 in their stock EQ state honestly.

Also, price drop to $525 :slight_smile: