Audeze LCD-5 - Official Thread


I’d be looking around at least $600-1000 USD for DAC, double for Amp.

My LCD5 is still coming, but I’m enjoying the TT2 as a all-in-one for my other cans.

the lcd-5 is super easy to drive…my chord dave drives it easily and sounds terrific…

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I think you need to go bigger, provide them with a combo they deserve.

DAC/AMP/Streamer, covers all your bases and you probably don’t need EQ if you don’t know what it is, as it is not something you order.



Come on Roark, Tambaqui or bust!


Just use what the Audeze Eng uses… the Smyth Research A16 realiser and a Chord Dave… I bet that setup is amazing to listen to…

I settled on the Halo May KTE and ordered it yesterday. I also ordered a Carbon CC today for the CRBN’s I have on order as I have been told it’s an amazing paring.

But, I’m still looking for a good amp to pair with the LCD-5’s.

SparkoS Aries?

Ideally, the amp would have a fully balanced output, and be easy to buy. I’ve looked at enough gear that requires you to go to a global dealer directory (which is likely out of date), only to go to a US distributor that doesn’t have a website (or a decent & updated one), to then find details online that says “by appointment only”, and requires you to call some obscure hours, only to get a voicemail.

If the manufacture sells their own gear directly, or I can go through a reputable online retailer, I’m game.

This amp is in stock


Benchmark AHB2 (using myself with hifiman he6 adapter) and Benchmark HPA4……

I just made an order for this amp. Supposedly Audeze recommends it as well. But they recommend a bunch of them, so I don’t know that that means much lol.


It sounds like they will be great. I ordered them yesterday.

Just got mine in . Crazy how light they are!



I’ve had mine for about a week and a half or so. They sound much better than they did when I got them. I don’t know if it’s because they needed to break in, or the pads are fitting on my head better. I’d be curious if others find this to be the case as well.


Probably just adapted to its sound :slight_smile:

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This sucks. Can you all stop posting photos.

Still no ETA on mine :frowning:

Hang in there, supposed to get mine next week. It is hard to wait.

As if its not rubbing it in enough, the last few have been bloody good photographers too!

where did you order yours from? A2A or Audeze direct? Or another dealer?


They are awaiting their stock from Adueze.