Audeze LCD-5 - Official Thread

Are you still within your return window? If you are - might just consider returning them and buying from another reseller who has stock and could get them to you in a day or two. As mentioned, I love Audeze support as well - but they are getting paid either way - and if you didn’t do anything to cause the failure - then why should you have to wait if you don’t have to?

Context: I am dealing with multiple issues with headphones and electronics and I’m a bit crabby as a result. Nonetheless, no issues with my LCD 5 and they are on an Omega stand intentionally, to soften up the pads while I await the new headband. I moved them to a different stand after reading your post.

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I’m not within the initial 30 day return window on the LCDs. Also, I’m looking forward to the new headband. So, I’m not too worried about the wait at this point. I’ve got the CRBNs to still play with for the time being.

What issue was your old stand causing? I found the LCDs sorta hang freely. The CRBNs will press against each other while hanging, however. There’s no way around that.

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Got it.

Nothing happened on my stand - but it was using an omega stand which pushes against the sides. I did this instead of a hanging stand to break in the pads.

Your post about Audeze’s response got me concerned that this this could damage the driver (not that you did so), so I moved it to a hanging stand.

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I can see that. The Chord Hugo TT2 seems to work really well on the Ether 2’s and other DAn Clark audio headphones which share the trait of being very low impedance planar magnetics. That combo was what sold me on an Ether 2 a while back. I suspect the damping factor of the amp and massive output power has something to do with it - super smooth and liquid sounding.


2nd this - what sells the 5’s is that they take EQ well AND have exceptional technicalities. I find a stock tuning with no bass boost and the 3khz presence peak makes for a very artificial sounding shoutiness. I tend to think of the presence peak _ bass shelf as more of a low mid _ high treble dip, because what it’s really doing is giving you a little extra clarity where it’s tasteful for a lot of modern, close-mic’d music.


Apologies if this has been addressed in the thread, but what are your thoughts on the CRBN vs the LCD-5. I know you intended to compare more directly, but reading that they are tuned similarly - do you find any benefits to the electrostat vs the planar and vice versa, in terms of technicalities? What amp are you running with them?


Tonight I decided to do some tube rolling and was listening to my Focal Radiance on Mogwai SE and like a usual Wednesday night, while my wife watches her usual programs on tv.
Wife decides to go to bed early so I quickly changed over HP to LCD-5 and turn on EQ APO and plug it in to Mogwai SE and listening to my usual EDM music and put my Radiance on the stand next to me.
I quickly start replying to a work email while listening to some tunes.
Was distracted writing a long important email and must have had a funny moment and completely forgot I changed headphones and as soon as I started paying more attention to my music after replying to my email I started thinking to myself JESUS! The Radiance sounds absolutely amazing from the Mogwai with this tube combo tonight.
Took me a few minutes but I then look to my left and saw the Radiance on the stand.
Started laughing to myself. :rofl:
Just wanted to share my pointless story.
Didn’t know if there’s anywhere better to post.


Anyone else seen this?

I can see why this may be a issue for some.
The stock cable for my unit is very hard to plug in and even harder to release.
Got annoyed with it so been using a custom cable I bought a while back for previous audeze models that attaches and detaches a lot easier than stock.


actually mine came a bit loose when I tried to remove the cable because I guess it is so hard to remove the cable…I put a touch of crazy glue on the edge and havent had the problem since but I can imagine others will have the problem

I’ve always disliked Rean mini-XLR connectors. Fiendishly tight and far more difficult to remove than any other mini-XLR I’ve tried.

The previous generic mini-XLR that they used had problems. The barrel in center of the mini-XLR connector would not stay put and would rotate making it not able to insert into the headphone jack without unscrewing it. Audeze took care of me under warrantee. Perhaps the move to Rean was to avoid failure of the connector. Perhaps Audeze will have to change to yet another connector if these are too tight of a fit.

It turns out that the LTA MZ3 is great paired with the LCD-5. Full bass, no clipping, plenty of power. I’ve used this combo for a few weeks now and am very happy with it.

Before the LCD-5 arrived, I checked with LTA. They say Audeze has an MZ3 that they used with the LCD-5, and LTA has an LCD-5 that they’ve used with the MZ3. They stated that the MZ3 has plenty of power for the LCD-5. They are correct.

So if anyone else is considering that combo, go right ahead. You will be very happy.


Glad the pairing is working out!

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I’m glad you are liking the combo!

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Just for something different I purchased Ampsandsound Mogwai SE V2 with upgraded Jupiter caps and upgraded transformers, the LCD-5 sounds so good. Loving this combo.


I have Mogwai SE with jupiter caps sounds great with the LCD-5 just adds a slight flavour.
Do you like it more than ss amps?

@Resolve do you happen to have a version of your EQ in simpler 7-band format that can work with the RME ADI-2 DAC? I’ve been playing with your 10+ band and can’t seem to hit it right (well duh…). Missing something in the bass, don’t have the words to describe it other than like a second bass track in the background. I feel like it’s missing from Chrono’s EQ as well.


I’m currently using Chrono’s EQ with a bumped 5dB bass shelf instead of his original 4dB. It’s pretty perfect, and it only has 5 bands.

Is your source a Mac, PC or phone? You could try PEQ software; I’m having great success with SoundSource (for Mac), so I can apply PEQ to Spotify.

I use a Mac (with eqMac) and an iPad depending on where I am hence the need for PEQ on the RME. I tried Chrono’s eq on the Mac but to my ears Resolve’s take is much better. I’ll try the change in db and keep playing with it.


Just my thoughts… What I did was remove the least important frequency for my M15 since it is only 10 band. I think I chose to remove 1000mhz out of 11 bands. If I was going to remove 4, I would probably either use a high shelf starting around 6k like Chrono’s or a mix of Chrono’s with the two bass bands of Resolve’s eq. You could also try increasing the 80/85 frequency to 100 or 125 to fill the mid bass a bit.

What amp are you using? If it’s just the RME, what you might be missing is the body and authority a bit more power can provide or maybe lack of enough current necessary in planars as Grover mentioned in his review with the LCD5.

For me personally, I am currently using Resolve’s V2 profile with .5db increase for both bands 42mhz and 80mhz. Rest is the same. I am using a Gustard X26 Pro and GS-X Mini though.

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