Audeze LCD-5 - Official Thread

Do you have a big or small head?

I find if you have a small head, they can clamp more. Like the Final D8000. As your head gets bigger, the rods are more extended and have some flex, so clamp can decrease to a nicer level.

I like carbon fibre elements, but downside being you can’t just bend them like a ZMF steel headband.

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Looking forward to some first impressions! :slight_smile:

Medium, so keep my personal comfort impressions with this in mind.

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We got a chance to do speak with Audeze CEO Sankar T. at CanJam, and asked him about the LCD-5. Check out the interview:


We got one review up!


Here’s a second review from a chap who does big time mastering


I definitely disagree with some of the things he’s stated in the past, but I like how he talked about brain adjustment, or what some people refer to as “break-in.” It was also funny to hear him say the LCD-5 had a forward midrange - pretty atypical for Audeze.

I need to hear one for myself, but excluding the CRBN or the unattainable such as the HE-1, could this be the best headphone in existence right now?

I’m sure you know the answer to that…there is no best!
All about synergy and preferences…

Haha, I’ve seen that said many a time; I don’t believe it at all, though. There is most definitely a “best” for each individual, but there will never be a best (of anything) that’s universally agreed upon. It sure is fun to drop that term in conversation and see what happens, though!


there is a group of TOTL HP’s such as the abyss tc and susvara and sr1a and solitaire p and now perhaps the lcd-5…the one that is best is the one thats fits your parameters


Why exclude CRBN? Different technology, I know, but as the firm’s two “flagship” headphones, that’s a comparison I would really wanna understand.

That’s basically the only reason, yeah. A seemingly much more finicky technology and more difficult “pairing” journey. Plus this is the LCD-5 thread, so I can’t push the CRBN too much here. Haha


Legends @Resolve @Grover for getting that on camera, “what are we shipping LSD” that segment was awesome as well as the bit about the 420 weight joke. You did something most people haven’t done, with the CEO of Audeze, getting him to show his fun light hearted side! The rest of the info was great too! Bravo.


Just got word something special is on the way :wink:


Jerry’s Kids?

(Couldn’t help myself.)


As I’m saving up for a top-flight set of cans, no less!

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After a solid of week of being thoroughly entranced by Audeze’s CRBN, I decided to pull the trigger on the LCD-5 and see if they had worked similar magic there. So … my order is placed (with

LCD-5 to CRBN comparisons will, of course, happen, though I’ll be a bit late to the LCD-5 side of that party compared to many of you.


I am very excited about those comparisons, as those are two I was considering for my next purchase. Was leaning LCD-5 to simply not require another amp.

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Better late than never :wink:

You’ll probably still be one of the first to compare the two, and I can’t wait to read about it.


Audeze announces a trade-in program - old or recently purchased LCD-4/LCD-4z to LCD-5: