Audeze LCD-GX - Official Thread

Creating a thread for the LCD-GX headphones by Audeze

@Torq or @taronlissimore I can’t create an Official Thread so if this warrants that feel free to move it =) I’ll post up some pictures here in a second of something neat I found out about this and another products synergy :grin:


So, I have been gaming with these on my PC @Jvincent3 and I played a couple of games of Destiny 2 and COD: MW (5) and I really enjoy the cinematic sound these can produce! they are exceptional at consuming tv shows/movies, and gaming (I actually prefer them for RPGs and cinematic games, but they are no slouch for Player vs. Player modes either). Jvincent3 can speak on the sound of the mic =) if he so desires… baring my naturally un-enjoyable voice lol

I have been pairing them 90% of the time with the new Schiit Hel, which is awesome!!! and bonus it fits with all accessories for both the LCD-GX and the Hel in the Audeze case that comes with the LCD-GX…which makes for portable gaming, conference calls, or what have you on the go very plausible (if you don’t mind caring around a Audeze faux pelican case lol).

and top down view (you can flip the Hel to have the volume knob slot into the cable section for an even more secure solution, but the case closes and secures the Hel in place either way)


The mic so far has seemed pretty solid. We had a bit of a volume issue in the beginning but I would attest that more towards @DarthPool trying to speak quietly as to not wake up his family more than anything. Once that was adjusted it sounded very good, I would put the quality up with the best freestanding gaming mics out there (blue yeti, lower end Rhode etc.) For an all in one headset I was rather impressed. The Hel LCD-GX combo seems to be a great option for gaming focus setups!