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I emailed audeze to see if voiding earrenty meant no repair or just i have to pay. If its just having to pay but they can fix it ima chance it with an HSA-1B or maybe raals new tube amp even


You should contact the manufacturer and make certain that it is 2 ohm capable just to be on the safe side.

Also makes me wonder and that would surely be far more expensive, if a stereo power amp could be a viable option. Doubt there are many that can hand a consistent 2 ohm load, yet if the output power is so little.

But that may as well blow your cans up. Only thing that comes to mind that can handle 2 ohms

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I actuaky have a call with raal next week. I will 100% ask this question to make sure, but I have no idea how it would ve an issue

Try a bass shelf of 8dB below 50-65hz (dependong on how high you like it to go) and a Q of around 1. Reduce your output gain accordingly. This will act like a slight treble shelf. I found good results with this. Still not quite as slammy as the LCD-XC could be, but helped a bit. Let me know what you think if you try it.

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I finally got a chance to try this today. Unfortunately not the slam im looking for (TBH I’m kinda feeling like planars slaming like I want may just not go hand in hand with high technicality, but we will have to see when I try other cans). I will say that they took pretty well to that level of bass shelf in general though. 8-9 dB was 0 issue at all. Once I got 11dB at 65Hz I started to distort pretty heavily in the sub bass though so I backed it off on the off chance I was going to damage something. As for the XC, I have 2020 not 2021, but tbh, that doesnt realy have the slam im looking for either

EDIT: Just realized I had x-feed on on the Hugo2 all morning. Ill try again with it off on the off chance that helps

EDIT2: Nope. Still distortion

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Sorry, 11dB is on my XC - 8-9dB sounds right for the R. Its the Amp not being able to deliver enough current, not the driver distorting.

I do still find the XC punchier, the R never quite got slammy for me. Definitely very immediate and open sounding though. Not my personal fave but its a cool sound. I think anyone wanting an SR1A type sound with less edge will dig it though.

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Just hear back from audeze about the pinout.

Here is my question:

I would like to get an after market cable for these that is a better length for my use case. Given these are fairly high sensitivity and super low impedence, are there any specific cable specs that need go be met (impedence, capacitance, etc) to avoid SQ degradation or trebble roll off?

Here is the reply

LCD-R cable is of specific design that doesn’t match any other cable on the market in order to eliminate the possibility of using it with a different amplifier. Non-standard 4 pin female XLR connector is chosen for that reason because Shiit amplifier is the only one having male connector on output. If you need longer cable, the easiest option would be to make an extension of desired length. We use OCC copper so any extension made with OCC copper would do. If you want to make cable on your own keep in mind that pinout on 4 pins female XLR connector is as follows:

Pin1 - R+

Pin2 - R-

Pin3 - L-

Pin4 - L+

On mini XLR connectors that are connected to the cups pins 1-4 are positive and pins 2-3 are negative L or R depending on which side they connect to.

So no shorting worry I don’t think, but phase needs to be corrected on one cup and channels swapped

So, exactly the same pinout as the Jot R, HSA-1a, HSA-1b and the SR1a Interface.

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I was trying to figure this out for sure. What I could find (actualy posted in the sr1a thread here) was

1- R+
2- R-
3- L+
4- L-

This would mean the left channel polarity was flipped on LCD-R, but I couldn’t find that pinout confirmed anywhere.

I mapped the SR1a pinout from the original amp and cables. I’ve built countless cables and adapters using that pinout. And it is the same pinout assumed by the HSA-1b adapter cable.

The SR1a’s amplifier-end pinout is:

1 = R+
2 = R-
3 = L-
4 = L+

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Perfect! That makes some more sense than the pinout i initially found.

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An exciting podcast is being released on Monday, August 2nd! Stay tuned!


If they don’t do anything silly (like only make 67 sets or something) then I’d likely pick up a set.

Given that they’re supposedly Stax Pro bias compatible (so work with existing electrostatic amplifiers), and are expected to sell for ~$4,300 … what’s really missing is when they’ll be available …


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I’m curious but not sure I’m overly excited, yet. Curious to see what they can do with electrostatic headphones.

Thanks for sharing

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Same deal here. Tbh I would call myself excited but certainly not enough to jump yet. Bass and timbre, as always with estats, are my worry here.

I’m still deciding on whether I’ll keep the LCD-R at the moment haha. Plus, the rumored LCD-5 probably can’t be too far behind…can they?


What do you currently have? Personaly I would never sell for something not out yet, but if the raalnover ears are better ull probabaoy jump.ship tbh

I’m sitting right next to the box and keep forgetting I have them as I read the posts. The buyer is coming tomorrow so he doesn’t want me opening them.

The lcd-5 rumors happen every year it seems like.

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