AudioQuest NightHawk Carbon over-ear semi-open Headphone - Official Thread

This is the official thread to discuss the AudioQuest NightHawk Carbon.


  • Driver: 50mm Dynamic - Biocellulose Diaphragm - 1.2T Split-Gap Motor
  • Sensitivity: 99dBSPL / MW
  • Impedance: 25 Ohms
  • Power Handling: 1.5w
  • Weight: 346g (12.2 Oz.)
  • 1/4-Inch Adapter Included: Yes

I purchased these about a month ago when the selling price dropped to $399. They are detailed and warm (mid/bass heavy). So far I still prefer a neutral (e.g., Sennheiser HD600) profile for most sources, but the NightHawks are good for overly bright or intentionally bass-heavy productions. The NightHawks make it obvious that some masters were never tested with so much bass, as the mid/tops can become quite muted.

Very good value for $399.

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