Aurender basics

Background: I now use Qobuz after having experience with other music streaming options. And I use Room. Love both. I have burned some CDs but not too much stored simply on an external drive. I have a lot of off-line music (vinyl, CD, etc).

My question is simple… what the heck is Aurender? Their web site does not provide a description and basic web search did not help much. A music server so the focus is on local storage?

Thanks for any basic information.

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Aurender offers a number of related products, with each unit offering different aspects of functionality.

They range from pure music-servers, to all-in-one music-servers/rippers/streamers/DACs. Their server and streamer and streamer/DAC products support TIDAL and Qobuz sources, as well as locally served storage.

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Ok thank you, that helps. I m not ready for a music server yet. Btw, I am really enjoying the Focal Clear & Arche.