Streaming DAP

Need recommendations on a good DAP that will stream Tidal and Deezer. I have an AK SR15, and Tidal was streaming well, but quit working one day and not matter what I do it will not work again. Dezer is loaded but doesnt work on my SR15. Prefer less than $1,000.


I am of the opinion that “good streaming dap” is an oxymoron.

That said, any of the daps with google play or apk pure enabled will do it. The dx300 (above requested budget) is one.

Streaming daps really need contemporary hardware and OS. Which severely limits you. Without that, the experience is pretty bad (depending on your specific app).

I have not yet tried the hiby r6 2020. It’s next on my list.

I have now mentioned the only two daps I know of with contemporary OS and hardware.

The sony zx507 was fantastic except in power (only for iems really) and battery life. (Lasted as little as 4-5 hours streaming for me).

That is not to say others can’t do it. Some can side load apps and such. But you are subject to things like you have already experienced on your dap.


^^^ x2 the 300 streams like a boss from the get go :+1:


It does. But it is huge and the buttons on the outside were erratic depending on your streaming software.

It drove me bat crap crazy. But power and sound was awesome. In fact, it matched the idsd signature to me. And that is very very good.

The zx507 worked flawlessly. Just sucked on battery life and power. Sound was amazing on the dunu zen.

They all have flaws. Some of them substantial.


Just been using Amazon HD tbh so can’t comment on other services?..with NOS filter it sounds pretty awesome with my sets…I don’t use it otg just on the barge, I’ve not had any issues as I don’t use any of the buttons on the side except the volume knob.