Beats Fit Pro

For years, I have been looking for a true wireless IEM with the following characteristics: ANC, microphone, Apple ecosystem, long battery life, clear telephone calls, comfortable, and will not fall out of my ears.

I have been through many iterations,

Wired: custom Jerry Harvey JH13, 64 Audio U18T, Thieaudio Monarch, Bose QC20, etc.

Wireless: AirPods, AirPods Pro, PowerBeats Pro, etc. etc. The PowerBeats Pro came close, but the charging case was way too large for me to carry with me.

I have finally come up with one that actually meets my needs: the new Beats Fit Pro has true wireless, ANC, apple’s H1 chip, decent battery life, clear phone calls, is comfortable and does not fall out of my ears (using Azla Xelastec eartips) and sound pretty good for what they are. The extension hook that locks into the Concha-Cymba really does the trick for me. I can literally forget that I have them in. The charging case fits nicely in a pocket.


Yup, I think they’re great for what they are. Interestingly enough, I thought it sounded best when ANC and transparency modes are off (a bit more balanced overall). If they had that tuning when ANC is on it would’ve done better in the sound department. But, at this point, can’t really complain for what I use them for.


Update: after three months, my original reaction is confirmed. These Beats Fit Pro really fit the bill for on the go listening with ANC. Now that I have added Azla SednaEarfit XElastec tips, they are just about perfect for walking around listening to podcasts and taking calls. For serious listening I use a dCS Bartok driving a Raal HS1b and Raal SR1a, but for listening on the go, these are terrific.