I noticed there is a dedicated thread to the HPA4, but I wanted to make a thread to discuss all of Benchmark’s products. I have been a fan of Benchmark’s products for a while so I would love to hear people’s experiences with their products, reviews, and just general discussion about their products and the company.


I have a DAC3-HGC. I use it mostly for the DAC. It has a nice headphone amp as well.

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The first time I learned about Benchmark products was when I discovered Head-Fi in 2006-2007. I was a teenager and their equipment was what I considered high end and way out of my league. Everyone spoke very highly of the brand and I don’t think that’s changed at all well over a decade later.

When I started the hobby again over a year ago they were on my radar and I picked up the HPA-4. It’s by the far my favorite piece of gear I’ve ever owned and the quality/technical capabilities speaks for itself. If I was in the market for a power amp I’d definitely consider the AHB2 at the top of my list!


Wow, sorry for that half sentence there, I don’t know what happened :grimacing:

What I was trying to say was that it was good to know that you liked your HPA4 and thank you for the response. I was on the edge of ordering one and finally did.