Interest check DAC/AMP all-in-one mini review and comparisons

I wanted to do a quick interest check.

I have owned a Jotunheim with the d/s dac module (however I do not own this anymore). Currently I have an R2R11, a Metrum Acoustics Amethyst, and an RME Adi-2 dac in my possession (but not for long hopefully).

I’m selling one of them off, keeping another, and returning the loaner AIO I borrowed. Just wondered if anyone was interested in this sort of review. They are all different price points and fairly different from each other so maybe its too random?


I don’t think this topic has enough interest. Can a mod delete this thread? What is the SOP for retiring a thread?

Just no one reply? :thinking:

I always think it’s interesting to read comparisons of equipment - even if it’s at different price points. If nothing else, it helps people see how much you get for paying a little more.

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I would definitely be interested in hearing about the adi-2 vs amethyst! Jot isn’t compelling to me because I already own one and consider the DAC portion to be a complete waste of money.

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I was deep into the forum CSS yesterday but saw your post and meant to reply.

We are always interested in reviews and comparisons!

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I will move forward with writing some cohesive thoughts on the 3 units in reference to each other then.

I’ll just update the original post and title of the thread once that is all done.

I really disliked the Jot DAC section and didn’t keep the unit for very long for that reason.

I like how it’s mobile responsive from the get go!

Sounds great!

Looking forward to seeing your thoughts and impressions!

I too would love to read your mini-review. Looking forward to it.

Is this thread primarily for larger desktop DAC/AMP set ups or are impression of portable DAC/AMP units of any interest?
I haven’t seen much input on portable gear so thought to see if it’s of any interest and/or where it might best fit in…or have I missed a thread?

I got the impression is any combo, but not sure.

Thanks for the input. I’ll give it a bit…don’t want to thread jack :wink:

I too thought it would encompass both desktop and portable. Maybe we should start a separate portable Amp/Dac thread. There are some great portable options about and because some of them can be bought at a reasonable cost they are often a gateway into Amp/Dac’s as a whole.