Best Closed-back Headphones in 2022 - Buying Guide

Whether you’re an audiophile, music professional, or simply in the market for a new set of headphones, the choice is endless. From style and design to weight and tonal balance, there are many key factors to consider when choosing the perfect pair of headphones. 

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I’ve been enjoying the DCA E3. One of the better (best?) closed-backs I’ve heard.
Highly recommend a listen.


Have you compared it to the Aeon Nore?

I gotta say. The LCD XC 2018 or 2021 edition is still an amazing and notable closed back headphone, especially when given a proper EQ profile! :blush:
I can easily recommend the Schiit Loki Mini+. Hardware based EQ in the analog domain is amazing with this headphone. The LCD XC responds so well to EQ, which is why I think it is still a monster in the audio world.


DCA E3 are the best closed backs I’ve ever heard, but they lack the strengths of closed backs. Treat them like a pair of good open backs and you’ll be happy, if you expect that cozy resonant bass in typical closed back fashion or a veritable intimate globe/wall of sound, you will be disappointed.

They have 1 special strength that open backs don’t have, a little (very little) isolation and a pitch black background, for better and for worse. I find when music isn’t playing there’s almost a vacuum feeling from the lack of sound, like ANC but it doesn’t actually dampen that much from the outside, only the inside-out.

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