Best FAKE Gear Pics


They’re harder to find than they used to be. These days, people gut real items and rent or sell them for props. Furniture stores, decorator shops, all used to have stacks of audio equipment on the shelving in their room displays that on close examination, was cardboard or a plastic shell.

The pic above shows it on a grand scale…

Let’s see photos of equipment that isn’t.

This one’s not too good, it’s by “turboprops” and that’s the label. But it’s hard to find these new these days.


You should go to IKEA :grin::wink:

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You see some interesting fake stuff in model homes. Needs to look fake since otherwise people would steal it.


Does an intentionally ironic stage set and album cover count as fake:


[Neil Young is considered the grandfather of grunge rock, per the landmark distortion of the last track Into the Black.]

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