Bose files a patent for sports headphones that keep themselves cool

It’s crazy the things Bose will focus on that have nothing to do with sound. I’m sure they did a focus group that told them they’ll get higher ROI for investing in cooling earbuds than they will for investing in sound… I just wish the mass market demanded better sound.

Exactly-- they know their market. People buying Bose aren’t worried about DACs and bitrates, but who likes to have sweaty ears? :wink:

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Ya, at least they’re actually working on useful features. Beats by Dre adding weights to increase the “premium feel” is just savage


Totally-- I don’t blame them for making fashion pieces disguised as headphones, but that they don’t respect their customers is unforgivable.

Agree. The obvious attempt to trick their customers is not cool by any means

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I’ve no idea how well the Bose cooling solution will work but the nuraphones have active cooling which works well and enhances the listening experience since you’re not having to interrupt your listening sessions to give your ears/head a chance to cool down and/or wipe away sweat (plus not sweating in the first place will prolong the lifespan of the ear cups). But I do agree that adding new features should have lower priority than improving sound quality.


It’s crazy that there must have been sufficient feedback from consumers about earbuds getting hot and uncomfortable for Bose to pursue this solution. I never found a pair of earbuds that felt uncomfortable due to warming up during intense workouts.

I still can’t wrap my head around earbuds getting warm after using full size headphones for long listening sessions.

Really seems gimmicky and a waste of R&D resources and talent. Weird!

Pretty sad…

This reminds me of the studies that have been conducted that found heavier silverware “tricked” people into thinking they were eating a higher quality and better tasting meal.

This article makes me appreciate more the innovations made by headphone makers such as MrSpeakers that help to produce a lighter weight headphone that is still durable and use high quality materials. And sound damn good too!

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