Bottlehead crack

Finally got her done!!!


WOW!!! listening with my HD800…and WOW!!! man…this thing is awesome!!! and it isn’t even burned in yet (still getting the pops and crackles of the tubes settling). Also I haven’t put the Speedball on yet, I want to experience the stock setup for at least 50 +hrs before going back in and adding it. I have Black LED strip lining on the inside to create a blacklight glow coming out of it. I am using my El DAC for the bit crunching. I might have to re-evaluate where I put my RME ADI-2 DAC so I can have that be on the chain.

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I clicked on this topic nervously, with my moderator hammer at the ready, but I’m glad I did-- this thing is lovely. Well, done!


Ha, yeah…just wait until I build the S.E.X. lol. Here is a look at the underside, this was challenging, but not overwhelming. Just follow the instructions and amazing music to follow. Now I just need to make some more custom cases for it!


Wow, great build. Well done. Wish I had the confidence to do one. Enjoy, I bet it sounds amazing. Have you tried any other of your cans on it?


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Beautiful job. I love the tasteful RGB!

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I will today, was kind of in the zone with the HD800 yesterday :grinning:

Thanks very much bud. I look forward to your impressions.


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Very nice job!

Hadn’t expected to see you outfit the thing with extra lighting! And I still love the all-black finish. Though I’m sticking with my burnt-bronze on candy-apple-red scheme I think …

I created a thread for more detailed discussion of the unit going forward, including its sound, the build, options/tweaks upgrades and so on.

Don’t let that deter you from enjoying and continuing the amp-porn here, though!

I finally got the paint in for my chassis and top-plate, so once I’m back from my next trip I’ll get to start putting mine together (no doubt I’ll put a build-log into the above-linked thread).

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I took pictures throughout my build, but most are just progression pictures not detailed build log pictures. I’ll jump into the Bottlehead Crack thread later today and start adding some of them. I really enjoy this amp so far!