Campfire Audio Cascade Closed-Back Headphones - Official Thread

They actually mellow out a lil bit over time…but are still bass cannons lol, the cool thing about them is how well the mids and highs shine through the lows.

Wow, that is one very detailed review! Thank you for the effort. And especially for the tip about cutting back bass. Between the filters and that trick, these could basically be tailored to suit almost anybody.

My interest is now piqued more than ever. Too pricey for me at retail, but a big sale or a used pair will probably pull me in.

For clarity I have Grado/Beyer. These would be for fun.:smile:


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Thanks! And definitely a fun headphone for sure, it is a great complement to pretty much any collection that doesn’t have a bass cannon headphone. Definitely competitive at used prices for sure.