Campfire Audio Comet in-ear Headphones - Official Thread


The MEE BTX1 actually work really well with the Comet. It’s a little awkward getting them in the ear initially, but I’ve gotten it down now with little effort, after a few times taking them off and on. Still trying to find the right tips for them though…

How is sound quality with these over Bluetooth? I’ve heard good things about APTX.

So far I’ve been tip rolling to find the best sound, but the bluetooth side of things seems to be just fine, I’m not using these for critical listening or anything though. Mostly to see if I like using IEMs (so far not that thrilled, I have sensitive ears and they hurt after an hour or so with IEMs).

Using the MEE BTX1, with medium memory foam tips. I must say after some time with them in this configuration. I’m coming around to these, maybe it’s the upside down factor, or “burn in”/accustomed to them but I haven’t had any more issues with quality of sound being all over the place. I’m going to give it a little more time and I’ll put together a review, time being my biggest issue here lol…

Campfire Comet


  • Specifications
  • 20Hz–20kHz Frequency Response
  • 97 dB SPL/mW Sensitivity
  • 48 Ohms @ 1kHz Impedance
  • Single Full Range Balanced Armature Driver
  • Beryllium / Copper MMCX Connections
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Campfire Audio Copper Litz Cable – Copper Conductors with Berylium Copper MMCX and 3.5mm Stereo Plug. Features inline 3-button control with Mic.Product weight: 15.9 oz (450 g)
  • Made in Oregon, USA


  • SPINFIT Tips (xs/s/m/l) – Campfire Audio Marshmallow Tips (s/m/l) – Silicon Earphone Tips (s/m/l) – Campfire Audio Lapel Pin – Cleaning Tool6 ft (1.8 m) cloth-wrapped balanced cable with 4-pin XLR plug
  • Zippered storage box with nice “carpet” like material inside
  • Manufacturer’s warranty
  • CA lapel pin

Build Quality:

They are Stainless steel….shiny stainless steel, needless to say they are very solid and I feel like you would be hard put to destroy these things. Now slamming them on the ground or desk or what have you would probably be a bad idea, like a head the skull protects the squishy pink matter in the middle, same with these in that the drivers on the inside are probably sensitive to that sort of handling. They feel super solid in the hand. I really like how they got the logo on the side and the overall smoothness of it is phenomenal. If nothing else these made me a Campfire Audio Fanboy because of the attention to detail on these.


Shiny and Chrome…. “WITNESS ME!!!” Sprays chrome paint on face puts Comets in ear and jumps out of moving car at high rate of speed…. review over, thanks for witnessing! Ok seriously these are very pretty/handsome whatever you prefer.



They snap right in and move nicely with no friction. Very solid connection and that was also easy to detach without feeling like I was going to break something. I cable swapped a lot between a MEE BTX1 bluetooth cable and the Litz cable and had no problems going between the two.


I’m not the biggest fan of this cable, the quality is nice and it isn’t too “janky” but it is “janky” enough for me to not really enjoy it. Maybe I’ll sleeve it with some paracord? Ok I also picked up the MEE BTX1 for these based off of “Bad Guy Good Audio Reviews” suggestion. It has become my go to for listening to these and I think the upside down over the ear helps them a lot with the comfort…but that is in the next section…


Was to say the least not impressed… I have sensitive ear canals though so YMMV(your mileage may very). With the included cable they tend to pull/slowly droop out of my ear, super annoying. If I switched to the largest tips they would stay in but my ears would start to ache after a couple minutes. Was very frustrated until I swapped them to the MEE BTX1 cable and put them in upside down and over ear….wow that made all the difference in the world for comfort, I also put Comply sport tips (medium I think) on and can wear them for extended periods without discomfort.


The tips that came with them are great but almost all of them changed how they sounded to great degrees, so you will definitely have to tip roll to find the sound signature you like. I ended up going with aftermarket Comply tips. Of the included tips the Spin fits were my favorite but they would make my ears ache after an extended period of time.


.8oz very light, but probably heavier than your average IEM.


I really like this case it is small and fits both of my cables along with the IEMs. I also like that material on the inside it is cushy… =)


This is where these are odd….so initially they were all over the place with both FLAC and Spotify HQ(High Quality). Not sure if they “burned in” but they are much more enjoyable to listen to now then the first few dozen hours or so of listening to them. I also must say that the tips definitively change the sound signature(duh, but it is pretty dramatic differences for me anyhow). I found the larger tips with the best seal had the best range but the most discomfort. I settled on the Comply sport tips, and that has been my sweet spot with these. Now they also tend to droop out of my ear with the standard cable and cause the sound to change slowly. I switched to the MEE BTX1 and it made a huge difference in comfort and kept the seal without problem (they go in upsidedown and the weight falls on top of the over ear cable). Ok back on track… once I found my sweet spot the music became enjoyable. I actually take these everywhere with me now, and will listen to them as much as possible while out an about. The sound is very musical to me now, and more of an enjoyable listening than critical listening style of sound.


I would say they are lacking here for sure, but not horrible, more veiled/pulled back. And they can get discombobulated with complex tracks


I would say these easily fall into a musical timbre that isn’t trying to hard to be anything. Very middle of the road type sound to me, good with out going in any one direction to excel in. Now depending on the tips they can sound like hot garbage lol.


I found them (once I hit my sweet spot) to be very warm and good for long term listening, the bass was not super precise but had a nice “blanket” effect, just enjoyable not excelling at any one point but just good enough to be easy listening.


Veiled, but once again just good enough to be enjoyable. It also has a “blanketing” effect to me.


They lack it… plain and simple, and when things get complex they get confusing. It isn’t horrible but not great, very veiled.

Instrument Separation:

When things get complex, these fail pretty hard with this. But generally, didn’t have to much issue with this area, mostly because I wasn’t expecting anything great here.


So I think these actually surprised me a couple times while working outside or walking around I would hear what I thought was behind or to my side by about 10’-15’ and would turn to see what made the noise only to realize it was a little noise in one of the tracks I was listening to. Now this didn’t happen all that often but I did notice it. So take that for what it is.

Source Pairings:

JDS Labs the Element/JDS Labs El DAC on low gain (this amp does really well with IEMs on low gain) Pixel2xl Bluetooth or dongle depending on cable.

Good for Genres:

I would say the simpler the music the more these will shine, but I listen to a varied mix of music (aka if I like it I don’t care what genre it falls under). I think vocal focused does well and tracks with simple bass rhythms.


These are my first “higher end” IEMs so my comparison would be to Beats x, and Skullcandy Method wireless, and Bose quiet comfort sport. Once I started using these upside down (even with litz cable) the comfort was on par with the rest, with exception to the Bose quiet comfort sports (most comfortable tips I’ve ever used, that never hurt my ears during any of my long workout sessions/runs/ bike rides etc). These definitely blow the other IEMs out of the water as far as sound quality overall. The next best would probably be the Beatsx followed closely by the Bose. Skullcandies are my go to beat up gym buds.

How my ears hear/feel with them:

Initially I found these really hard to listen to. But once I found the right combination of tips and wearing them upside down really let me enjoy them. Plus I think “burn” in of either the buds or my ears lol, helped them also. I now enjoy listening to them and appreciate them for being my currently best IEMs that I have. I have not heard any of the “higher end” Campfires or even IEMs in general, so all the above comments keep in mind that this is from a very noob to IEM impression. Now that I found my sweet spot for listening to these I really appreciate the feel and look of them. The sound is good enough for me on the go with Bluetooth or through the litz cable, and I can appreciate the price point. I think these are exactly worth there price point, with the caveat that you don’t mind working with them to find your sweet spot to listen to them. You really have to tip roll to find the proper sound signature, and I think re-position them in your ear to find what you like. I actually like that I can drastically change the sound signature just by tip rolling and changing how I put them in my ear YMMV. “Witness ME!!!” grabs spray can, sprays mouth while inhaling, jumps out of moving car


Great write-up man!

Your description on the sound is pretty much exactly how I felt with my time with them and lines up with @Ishcabible’s earlier in the thread.

Glad you also found a way to wear them comfortably. I also wasn’t a huge fan of the supplied the cable. I don’t know if you tested it out for calls but I found the mic quality to be pretty bad. I’m glad you found a cable that works for you! Did you notice any difference in the sound swapping from the stock cable to the bluetooth? The nice thing about the bluetooth cable is when you do decide to upgrade to a higher up IEM (Campfire, Shure, Westone) they all use the same connectors so you can interchange the cable with all of them as well.

I also ended up going with Comply tips on them. If they had a bit more separation I would have probably stuck with spinfits to roll back the warmth a little but I found with the Spinfits just weren’t doing it for me.

Great write-up though and looking forward to see what you think of the Cascade!


I didn’t notice a huge change in sound from the Litz cable to the Bluetooth cable, but the sound quality on the mic for the litz is definitely sub par. The Bluetooth cable is an ok mic, but still not great. It sounded best on the JDS labs Element, but that is a given lol, but in my opinion using IEMs on desktop is ridiculous, especially with so many better options sitting around me.

I’m looking forward to the Cascades, and will do a similar write up (if anyone has any critiques I will be happy to look at where I can improve, still new at this).

I feel like I will grab one of the Campfire Audio middle cost IEMs next, but I’m in no hurry at this point. :grin:

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Just got the MEE BTX1 in. Gotta say sound quality is pretty good using APTX from the Fiio X5. Have these connected to the Campfire Audio Orions. Great piece of kit.

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Yeah I’m really enjoying them with the Andromeda also! Wasn’t expecting them to work all that well, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised so far with the BTX1.

Some great write ups here. I picked these up a bout 3 weeks ago, along with some Orivetti New Primacys.

I have to say I am really enjoying them, but do often feel they are lacking in the bottom end (expected for a single BA to be fair to them though). Strangely though some tunes I know that have filthy bottom end are lacking, and tracks that I wouldn’t usually here much from seem quite deep.

They are stunningly well made, but like most people with fit a bit. I usually wear memory wire, and tend yo where these up, but usually have to use the smallest tips to get a good fit, and these need a bit of constant faffing with the smallest spin tips, so I tend to use them with thr smallest foam tips (these seem to dull a bit of the treble ever so slightly though).

So for the money I am happy with them, but I’m tempted to upgrade soonish to something with a more gutsy bottom end. Thinking about either the Vegas or the Atlasses, but these are a massive price jump for something I can’t test before buying.

Either way, for now I’m really enjoying them.

Also the case fits with my shanling M0 perfectly too :wink:

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the perfect carry case for the tiny M0 (which also fits in on of the Comet felt bags) and the Comets themselves!

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I forgot how beautiful this IEM is. Campfire made a gorgeous looking Comet.



Those are an interesting design … and very shiny!

Congrats on making the “Core Team” and on taking advantage of the “Community Preview Program”!


Looking forward to your review! These were the first IEM review I’ve done. My review is up the chain on this page, I did it in a more fun way then normal. It will be fun to compare how you feel about them with your more extensive experience with IEMs. Also if you haven’t heard the andromeda’s and are interested I can loan you mine, just don’t blame me if you end up buying a set lol.

I owned the Comets when they first came out but sold them after a couple months of use (mostly due to unnecessary impulsive purchase than anything). I will be reviewing something with a bit more familiarity to get my feet wet on this site. :blush:

Man I really want to try to Andros out. I’ve been getting trigger happy lately, but holding out. The Elegia is also on my radar and I definitely can’t buy both. Maybe we can swap something for loan in the near future or just have a meet up or something. :wink:


Elegia is going to be my next big purchase here soon.

A meet would be fun, there are a couple of us here in Seattle, maybe even head up to Vancouver and chat with @andrew and @taronlissimore?


Heeey, congrats on making the core team. I thought you’d already been on it a while. You deserve it you’ve put some great content out.


Thanks Paul! I only just made it to Core status because I didnt know about this community until July when I think someone tagged a review I wrote on here. :slight_smile:


Oh right, my bad. You’ve got there quite quickly then really. You’ll be able to take part in the community review program now too.

@antdroid’s excellent review of the Campfire Audio Comet (his first for was just posted!

It’s well worth reading, even if you’re not specifically in the market for the Comet and it includes measurements and comparisons to other IEMs.