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Im not an IEM guy (at least not yet) but may take the plunge for a nice portable rig to pair with my Black Label or maybe a standalone DAP.

Very intrigued by the Ara. The Andromeda and Solaris were both interesting but I held off on them for various reasons: fit, hiss, size, those kind of things.

Does anyone know if there is as much an issue with hiss with this one compared to the Solaris and Andro? I have a Black Label that would probably drive it fairly quietly but Im thinking more along the lines of direct DAP use, which may be nosier or even an tablet or phone, which may just outright suck.

I think ultimately I would approve of the U12T but its a tad out of the price range for what may be a bit of a risky purchase for something I dont know if I will like. The Ara seems like it may be a reasonable compromise within the range I am looking at.

Or if someone just wants to tell me what IEM sounds like an Auteur than the battle is won (if I can afford it) :wink:.


Little late to the Ara party but I managed to spend some time with them finally. They are definitely what I would call Campfire Audio’s “reference-tuned” IEM. From a technical performance perspective they are quite good and if you want the Andromeda without the fun elements I would say the Ara fulfills that role. From a pure tonality perspective, it reminds me a lot of the 64 Audio U18t although it doesn’t have nearly the same amount of detail.

Overall I think the Ara is a relatively safe choice if you prefer a more neutral tonality and don’t enjoy too much low-end thump. Personally not my preference for listening but they are good IEMs overall for those that want that tonality but don’t want to shell over $3k for the U18t.


Very nice synopsis my fearless leader. Love to try them someday. Still enjoying my Atlas’s I bought from your company a few months ago. I guess you could say I’m in the dream state with them. Everyday is bliss listening. :slight_smile:
Anyhow. Bought a backup cable to go with them to show my commitment to their awesomeness.


Great writeup @taronlissimore.

check out @Precogvision review of the Campfire Ara below


The Trifecta is by far the most tip-dependent in-ear I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing. In the past few days I’ve tried about 20 - 30 different tips and these earphones always react extremely in terms of tonal reproduction quality.

It is well known that dynamic drivers react much more sensitively to tips, but three dynamic drivers… phew that requires a lot of effort in the process of finding the ideal tonal tuning.

But when this “act” is successfully completed,

Oh my God

I have never heard a more massive, detailed, spacious and natural sound from any other in-ear.

The Trifecta, in terms of detail and naturalness, is at least on par with the Odin, but has a more defined and structured bass and a much, and I mean much larger, deeper and more clearly structured soundstage.

I was amazed at how extremely realistic the depiction came across.
I used these earphones to watch movies and caught myself turning my head several times thinking there was someone or something else in the room with me… scary.

Due to the fact that this effort is necessary with the tips, I can imagine that one or the other evaluation will not be too positive, since the vast majority of reviewers simply do not make this effort.


With the Trifecta we move technically and sonically in the area of a high-end headphone in the style of a Utopia.


Nice friend! I’ve been waiting for someone to cover these IEMS to a reasonable degree. Thank you. :relaxed:

Don’t keep us in suspense. What were the magic tips you ended up using???

First time ever as these don’t really sound outstanding on any other earbuds in my collection except the Trifecta…

SpinFit‘s, the XL Version with 14mm outer diameter.

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Thanks for sharing these impressions. Trifecta was the de facto show highlight of CanJam SoCal for me and the one IEM I tried that weekend that’s still haunting me to this day. Would love to read more impressions when you’re able.

I had the pleasure of testing the Astell & Kern Odyssey, the Odin and the Trifecta simultaneously last week.

The Odyssey was immediately out of the race because neither I nor anyone else present could place this plug in our ears, no matter which tip we used.

I have never tested such a huge, unergonomically shaped earphone, especially in this price range.

I then had the Odin & the Trifecta delivered to my home for testing, in order to test them extensively and with familiar hardware.

The final decision was then made quite quickly, since in my opinion the tonal and acoustic differences are very quickly and clearly recognizable in favor of the Trifecta.

Alone the miserable vent-holes on the Odin, which are far too weakly dimensioned, get on my nerves.

Every time the dynamic drivers crack when inserting and adjusting the earphones. Likewise if the jaw moves, for $3300 an absolute no-go, especially since the problem has long been known.

Empire Ears made a miserable impression on me during this test phase.
Fit, technical shortcomings, far too much bass with one or the other model, plus these completely exorbitant prices in relation to the quality offered???

No thank you!!!

Campfire Audio, on the other hand, once again offers something very special, which is mature and also delivers in the price range called for.

I don’t currently know of any closed headphones in the high-price range that would be much better in terms of technology, sound and dynamics.

For this reason I have decided on a blue variant of the Trifecta for my collection, which will be delivered in a quantity of 33 pieces (not all for me :joy: ) at the beginning of November.


Does the Trifecta exhibit any of this behavior? This is my biggest complaint about the Dorado 2020 - I get quite a bit of driver flex or overpressure when using any tips other than the supplied CFA Marshmallows. I really enjoy the sound otherwise, but it’s rather annoying when it happens.


Not during the 3 Days I tested it.

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Short statement about the CA Supermoon (Universal), extremely clean and detailed in the sound reproduction, incredibly realistic and precise music representation, finally an earphone that really sounds like a planer driver.

In addition, ergonomically almost perfectly modeled, very little weight, making it one of the most comfortable in-ears on the market.

Campfire Audio, their sound tuning and my personal ear canal, that just fits.

The Suupermoon is not the most emotional earphone in their portfolio, but it’s definitely the “purest”.

When I get my own Trifecta in early or mid-November, I will possibly list my very personal model classification here, with its specific characteristics and qualities.


Glad you’re enjoying the Supermoon. Along with the Elysian/Effect Audio Gaea, and Elysian Diva they pretty much rule the sub $2K price bracket right now. Have you received your Trifecta yet? A number of my friends got theirs last week and impressions have been (unsurprisingly) overwhelmingly positive.

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The Trifecta are under no circumstances comparable to “normal” high-quality in-ears.

I have personally never heard such a full and massive sound from any other in-ear.

This takes some getting used to at the beginning, as a powerful air vibration, a gigantic sound wave, so to speak, has a direct effect on your auditory canal.
You get the full sonic influence of high-quality closed over-ear headphones, “flushed” directly into your ear.
After a short period of getting used to, this is a fascinating and unquestionably powerful sound experience, which is absolutely addictive.

I have yet to experience a better three-dimensional layout and more precise imaging of a sonic performance and stage presence.

The dynamics and precision of the bass presentation is phenomenal for an in-ear.

With the Trifecta, CA has an in-ear on the market that has absolutely unique selling points in many respects, and this in a very, very positive sense. :100:


This is so nice to hear. I’m dying to try them. Being a CA ATLAS owner the trifecta appear to be an incredible step up.

One question kind sir. Do you have to feed these IEMS serious good quality recordings only? Given your description it sounds like there would be no mercy on lesser fidelity. Love to hear your thoughts. :slight_smile:
And congrats on the purchase.


In the case of the Trifecta, CA has once again managed to achieve a tonality that allows the earphones to sound incredibly deep, wide, open and airy, without causing this with excessively raised high frequencies.
(like many ChiFi in-ears “artificially conjure it up”)

This makes the Trifecta appear more “warm” and natural, so poorly mastered recordings are perceptible but not penetrating.

Thus, these less “audiophile” productions are not only tolerable, but even fun.

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They look pretty large and heavy. Is that an issue for you? My ears tend to be pretty sensitive to size and weight of iems.

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