Campfire Audio Solaris 2020 In-Ear Headphones - Official Thread

This is the official thread to discuss the new Campfire Audio Solaris 2020.

Solaris 2020


  • 20% Smaller fit than the original Solaris
  • Hybrid Design: Dual Balanced Armature Drivrers + T.A.E.C.™, Single Mid Balanced Armature, 10mm ADLC Diaphragm Dynamic Driver + Polarity Tuned Chamber
  • All New Solid-Body Internal Acoustic Design
  • Circular Beryllium Copper MMCX
  • New Super Smoky Litz Cable


  • SPL: 115dB @ 1k
  • Frequency Response: 5Hz - 20kHz
  • Earphone Impedance: 15.5 Ohm @ 1k

@resolve did a video on the Solaris 2020 as well as the Andromeda 2020

I know a couple of our forum members have the new Solaris 2020. Excited to see your thoughts on them.


Just received the Solaris 2020. Really like the size, fit and finish. Surprising bass response from such a small iem. Did some extensive tip-rolling and settled on SpinFit CP240 tips for now. The Smoky Litz cable seems to work well with these iems. Very pleased with the sound out of the box. Embarking on burn-in for the next few days.

Didn’t change much with burn-in, but I like them a lot. Like any other iem, the choice of eartips is critical. None of the eartips supplied by Campfire worked for me. I tried them all to make sure. I then tried with the SpinFit CP240 (double-flange) which I thought would work. I tried the Spiral Dots, which sounded great initially, but would lose the seal over time. Evidently I have oval ear canals, and need eartips that will deform to create a seal. Foam eartips have never worked for me. Currently I am using SpinFit CP145s which are comfortable, create a good seal and sound terrific! I would recommend going the extra mile with tip-rolling on these iems, as it will pay great dividends when you find the right combination.

What I like about the Campfire Solaris 2020:
I am very impressed with the performance of these iems, given their smaller size. The folks at Campfire Audio did a great job of reducing the size while still maintaining the performance of the original. They are very comfortable and light. I am not conscious of their bulk and weight while wearing them. Many iems are painful for me after extended listening, but these are not.

The bass response is crisp and powerful without being overwhelming or muddy. The midrange doesn’t get lost in the mix, and the trebles are clear and present without being shrill or sibilant. I am very happy with the “smoky litz” cabling supplied with the Solaris 2020 and will keep it. Another important factor is fatigue. So far, I have found the Solaris 2020 to be non-fatiguing. That’s not to say that i can wear them all day, but I can certainly listen for several hours.

For me, the Campfire Audio Solaris 2020 is ‘just right’.


Great writeup. The new Solaris are an intriguing proposition.

Wow, just tried the Campfire Audio Solaris with Spiral Dot eartips in a different size. What a revelation! These iems were really good with SpinFit eartips, but have taken on a whole new level of excellence with Spiral Dots. The bass has deepened, the soundstage has widened, and the midrange is more present.

Eartip selection is even more important that I thought. Changing to Spiral Dot tips has made the Solaris 2020 competitive with uber-expensive iems.


Most definitely agree re Eartips when using iem’s. They’re extremely important to the whole setup. I’ve not heard the Solaris but would love to. Enjoy.

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I love my spiral dots!!! But! I found a new love in these IEM tips Azla Sedna

They are my new go to for IEM tips!


What a coincidence. Just received my Azla Sedna eartips today. Will try them out tomorrow!

These Azla Sednas are really nice. Great bass response! I take one size smaller in these than in the Spiral Dots. Now for an a/b shootout with the Spiral Dots!

Love the Azla Sednas! They sounds really great. But the Spiral Dots are more comfortable for me, as they are softer than the Azla Sednas - so I will be sticking with the Spiral Dots after all.


Sednas are great.
I also like Symbio W’s (hybrid foam/silicone)

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The Symbio W’s are great too! Very comfortable, great performance. They are definitely in the final four for me: Spiral Dot, Symbio, SpinFit, and Azla Sedna. I found it really worth the effort and expense to try all of the major eartip brands. Surprising how much difference they can make to the performance of earphones and iems.


The best eartips ! My favorite as well :grinning: