Campfire Audio Polaris in-ear Headphones - Official Thread


I was wondering if anyone has had a chance to compare these to the Bravado from Empire Ear’s?

Looking for a daily banger, the Solaris is too expensive to lug around.

Thanks guys, any input is appreciated.


I am actually interested in both of those as well, for the same reasons. I look forward to hearing what ya’ll have to say!

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Wish I could help, I just haven’t heard enough IEM’s to comment. @TylersEclectic do you or @Resolve or any other forum members know how these Campfires compare to the Bravado from Empire Ears? @Wes_S and @Inkey31 are looking for a little help!


I have not heard the CA Polaris, I’m not the most IEM friendly guy lol… but I’m a fan of CA in general as they fit the sound profile of what I like for on the go (well at least their TOTL ones do) I had the Comets for a bit and enjoyed them enough and from my understanding the Polaris are a couple of steps/leaps above those…


I’m not 100% on the V1, but in many ways they have a similar tuning. I just find the Bravado to have better technical performance.


The Polaris 2 has been my guilty pleasure IEM for a long time. It’s not particularly detailed and suffers from a bit of a valley when it comes to the mids but the bass presence is addicting and it’s no slouch when it comes to the treble department.

I haven’t listened to the Bravados yet. I should be able to snag the pair back from @Resolve at some point though to run with the iBasso DX220.


Speaking of DAPs,

I was looking at the iBasso DX220 along with the M11 pro (I currently am testing out the M11 Pro).

I think the iBasso DX220 has more power but I can’t seem to find the exact specs, edit: found it.

I found it on Amazon in a question, its 6.2Vrms on 2.5mm and the 3.5mm output is 3.1Vrms.

Fiio is 1:2mw at 32OHM 3.5mm and 2:5mw at 32OHM 2.5mm and 4.4mm.

So, the iBasso has a lot more power. Thats what 1VRM and 2.5VRM vs 3 and 6VRMs?

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Thanks for the info, to all!

@Resolve which if these two V shaped iems, do you think have better/more forward mids?

Depends which part of the mids you mean. They’re both super recessed, but you can hear them better on the Bravado because the bass emphasis is a bit more well-controlled. (still nuts, just not as nuts as the Polaris V2). Although for lower mids, the Polaris V2 may have more presence.


Not sure if you’ve seen it but @antdroid did a review comparison of the DX220, 160 and 150 here

From what I remember from looking at the Specs between the two the iBasso was the winner for most categories and the swappable amps are a great feature. I’d have to take a closer look as well as a listen later today. It’s charging right now.


That is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks man! I have been leaning toward the P2, but I think you just swayed me toward the Bravado. I own the Campfire Lyra II and love it, so it would be cool to switch things up and get another brand in the mix. I hear nothing but good things about Empire Ears.

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Thank you for the link, I appreciate it.

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Hey wile we are on the subject of DAP’s and IEM’s.

I really need a balanced cable for my Solaris and a cable for some Focal headphones. Do you guys recommend anyone who has decent cables for a reasonable price?

Anywhere from 60-150-200 max $ range?

Have a look/ask in the “Cables - 3rd Party/Upgrades & Recommendations” thread.


Sorry, thank you very much.

Sorry to ask, but where would the Atlas sit between the two?

The Atlas is currently on Sale and its only a few hundred more.

Better than both if memory serves correctly - for the same kind of sound. Treble on the Atlas is a bit sharp though - not as nice as the bravado, but at the same time overall a bit more balanced.

Anyone here have a preference on using the Polaris II with a Dragonfly Red vs the Cobalt? Cheers


I have enjoyed mine with my Dragonfly Red, but I haven’t heard the cobalt yet. I mostly use my Polaris II with a bluetooth set up.


Picking up an old thread here - recently bought the Polaris V2 (b-stock). Really enjoying the sound and don’t get that ‘bass cannon’ feel that I’ve read a lot of other people have. One challenge I have had though is fit, even with the final tips in their smallest size, I’m still getting the sensation of them being ‘pushed out’ of my ear (especially the left). I’ve tried multiple tip sizes and brands and the final ones are the closest to the comfort / sound quality I was hoping for. Anyone else had issues with the fit?