Campfire Audio Polaris in-ear Headphones - Official Thread

Are you sure you don’t actually need to go bigger on the left size than on the right?

My left ear and right ear are not the same, and that’s more or less what I do.

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I did try that but didn’t have any luck, will try again though!

It’s funny b/c I’ve tried so many different tips and sizes, both that came with the Polaris v2 and after market. Based on what you said @SebastienChiu I went back up in size with the tips I like (Final Tips) and the seal / sound is back to be great. Simple suggestion that helped me go back to the drawing board and improve them overall for me. Thanks!

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Anyone else have any shorter tip recommendations that would work? I accidentally ripped the medium sized of the regular silicon ones that came in box.

I just picked up a pair of these from AVexchange. According to one poster, they are a “controversial” IEM due to their bass preformance. I’m excited to receive them, they’re the first pair of ‘boutique’ IEMs I will have owned and I’ll post some more extensive thoughts on here in the next coming weeks


I suspect the controversy is only insofar as they deviate from a neutral signature. The whole point of the Polaris is to be bassy, so if that’s something you like, hopefully the Polaris will work out nicely for you! Let us know your impressions when you get them.

Azla Sedna offers short tips as well as their ordinary ones. The short ones can be found for “Light” and the regular Earfit tips.

The Light ones, I understand, are thinner and hence lighter, making the bass response a bit less strong. The regular ones will provide more bass.


@james I really like mine, and yes they are definitely bass heavy but they are a really fun listen. The tips you use with them make a lot of difference. I’d be curious to know what you think of them, I’ve had a challenging time getting the best fit and gone through a variety of tips to get the comfort/sound right.

Your timing is perfect! I found and ordered a pair of the short regular ones on Monday and they should be here today. Hopefully they do the trick and thanks for the feedback!

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Picked my pair up out of my mailbox about 15 minutes ago at the time of writing this.

Very first impressions - plugged in to iFi Hip DAC

Two songs in (21st Century Breakdown by Green Day and We’re Finally Landing by Home), and I can say that so far the Polaris have left a great first impression. This is not a ‘delicate’ listening experience by any means - but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun. The fitting took a bit of adjusting and going through my (lackluster) collection of tips, but my ear canals are quite large and uneven so that may not be the case for everyone. I ultimately settled on the large size “Bass ear tips” that came with that FiiO foam museum of ear tips that I imagine come with most FiiO IEMs. I found that ear tips that leave the grill of the tube fully exposed seemed to give me the best sound out of them.

The performance of the Polaris really shines through when listening to something like The Eagles’ Hotel California or Daft Punk’s Give Life Back to Music. The bass is heavy and very present, but that’s the way I like it. The blending of the harmonies is excellent. The percussive performance blends nicely with the rich bass when you listen to Make Me Feel by Janelle Monae. The treble & higher range can seem a bit muted, and this is especially the case when you try to listen to the string sections of orchestral music. There are no issues with vocal clarity. I can understand every word of Volare by Gipsy Kings.

They are an excellent pair of IEMs, especially for the used B-stock price I was lucky enough to get them on r/AVExchange for. For the time being, I am going to have them hooked up to my FiiO UTWS3, which is another interesting product that I will soon post a review about in the TWS thread.


Welcome to the club!
They are a great set, with a very nice bass :call_me_hand:

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One thing that only became apparent today - sharp edges on the outer shell mean that wind noise can be severe. What I’m saying is, don’t wear these things if you’re riding a bicycle.

Welcome to the Polaris club! Glad you’re vibing with our hip-dac, puts a smile on my face as a fellow Campfire fanboy myself!