Cayin N5ii DAP and IEM pairings

Just wanted to put out a place where we can discuss how particular IEMs pair with DAPs.
I have been testing my new Cayin N5ii with some of my choice IEMs. So far, these all sound wonderful with it. Thought I’d share a picture.

These are all sounding great and I chose a DAP that has lower OI. I see the same synergy with my Fiio X5iii

I’m a big St Lucia fan! Solid choice for music! Haha.

I’ve been using an Echobox Explorer with a couple of the IEMs we’ve had in the office. It pairs fairly well with the Campfire Audio Polaris however the Andromeda has its notorious hiss.

Luckily, the Andro has been very quiet with my gear so far…