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Yeah, I was looking at it as a streaming solution for the Qutest that I’ve been eying.

A Chord alternative to the Node 2i that I use.

Looks interesting, Darko has image of it.


Darko’s video on the Chord Hugo 2 + 2Go came out today…


Did anyone have the chance to compare the Chord Dave with the TT2 when using a Verite Closed or Open? :slight_smile: I have the Hugo 2 setup with the Mscaler and I like it very much already. But I am also considering the remove the Hugo 2 to a transportable solution with a Chord 2 Go and get a Dave or TT2


I have a Blu Mk2 (M-Scaler) feeding the DAVE in my main rig. A Hugo M-Scaler feeding a Hugo TT 2 in my secondary rig. And a 2Go feeding a Hugo 2 in my transportable rig.

Among other cans, I use both Vérité Closed LTD and Vérité Open LTD with all of them. More than enough power with any of those units to drive them properly, but other elements of the implementation make the overall ranking DAVE > Hugo TT 2 > Hugo 2.

You’re already familiar with the effect adding an M-Scaler to a Chord DAC has, and that’s consistent when applied to both the Hugo TT2 and DAVE.

And while I’m out of the business of doing specific comparisons or narrations on sound, if you have a choice between a Hugo TT 2 and a DAVE, fed from an M-Scaler, then buy the DAVE (unless you’re planning on driving Abyss Susvara or something similar in the future).

If you go used, you can pick up a DAVE for $6,500 (vs. $13,500 new … exchange rate depending) pretty easily - which isn’t far from the used price, let alone the new price, of a Hugo TT 2 … and the extra pulse-array DAC elements make a major difference in performance.


Thank you! :slight_smile:

I have heard that TT2 is a big Mojo and the Dave is a Big Hugo 2.

Also do you think adding etherneth and usb reclockers would be the higher gain in the beginning with Hugo 2 or would the Hugo 2 -> DAVE be a bigger upgrade? (Uptone Ethernet and Innuos Phoenix)

I would disagree with that, both on sonic and technical grounds.

Unless you can find credible measurements of either device that show a before/after improvement (beyond what which would normally be expected in run-to-run measurements) at the analog output of the DAC being fed, I would pass on them.

Failing (or better yet, follow) that, a proper blind comparison with/without them in the system would be something I’d insist on before spending my money on such things.

Now, I’ve not had my hands on the Innuos unit specifically, but I have tried other units with none of them providing any audible change. Further thoughts on such things can be found in this thread. And when I tried the EtherRegen I heard no difference in my system at all in either blind or sighted comparisons.


I really appreciate the detailed answer :slight_smile:

I am/ was actually really close to trying that - there are really many opinions, but the pro guys are quite strong also on the head-fi forums. Although Rob Watts states differently and is more on your side with these claims.

However @Torq do you believe or use the Wave cables between your units and the M-Scaler? R.W. is pro Wave cables from Nick.

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Yes, I’ve tried the Wave Reference cables between the Hugo M-Scaler and Hugo TT 2 and DAVE, and between the Blu Ml2 and Hugo TT 2 and DAVE. None of those four scenarios resulted in any measurable change at the DAC’s analog output.

I thought I was hearing a very small, if inconsistent, difference in sighted testing with the Wave Reference cable between the Blu Mk2 and DAVE. However, this was never apparent during my blind testing.

So, no, I do not use the Wave cables.

Also, they were not very practical with the Chord stack I run (Blu Mk2, DAVE, Étude using the Chord Ensemble stands for a 3 unit stack).

Instead, I built my own cables for the Blu Mk2/DAVE combination. They work as well as anything else I’ve heard or measured in that role.

Don’t even ask me about the Opto DX … even the manufacturer of that doesn’t claim any measurable difference at the DAC’s analog output.


Thank you for your reply on this topic, I think I also want to let go thoughts like:

  • 1600 € bnc cables
  • 800 € audiophile switches
  • 3000 € USB reclockers

Did you ever mscale into r2r/ ladder DAC`s? Zach is selling the Sonnet Morpheus and I wonder how the M-scaler would work outside the Chord environment…

Yes, I’ve tried the M-Scaler (in this case, the Hugo M-Scaler, since it is more flexible with input/output options) with non-Chord DACs.

In general, unless your DAC can accept at least a 384 kHz S/PDIF input, I would say you’re better off using HQPlayer. The M-Scalers (HMS and Blu Mk2) are really at their best with 44.1 or 48 kHz input feeding a DAC at 352.8/384 kHz (half their capability) or 705.6/768 kHz (dual BNC, full capability).

So things like the Sonnet, Pavane or Spring DAC are all, generally, better served in NOS modes via HQPlayer and their USB inputs. HQPlayer can be quite demanding … so a beefy PC (or GPU) is recommended/necessary for real-time processing.

Beyond that, I tried the Hugo M-Scaler with the following non-Chord DACs (at the maximum rates they would accept):

  • Schiit Yggdrasil A2 - don’t bother … the HMS makes the Yggdrasil sound worse, clearly at odds with native, internal upsampling and custom filtering that Mike has implemented.

  • RME ADI-2 DAC fs (AKM 4490/V1) - done via optical, with the HMS at 1/4 setting (192 kHz) … audible difference. Liked it better. But nowhere near a big enough difference to justify the cost. Use HQPlayer instead if that’s your thing.

  • Holo Audio Spring DAC L3/KTE - done via COAX, with the HMS at 1/4 setting (192 kHz) … audible difference. Preferred it without the HMS in the chain. HQPlayer is still a better way to go (+$250 vs. ~$5,000), with more options.

  • Linn Klimax DSM/3 - LOL … yeah, don’t bother, either with the HMS or HQPlayer.

  • Metrum Pavane L3 - done via COAX, with the HMS at 1/4 setting (192 kHz) … audible difference, preferred over stock, but HQPlayer gets 95% of the way there for 1/20th the price.

Personally, for me, I wouldn’t bother with an M-Scaler unless my DAC could accept at least a 384 kHz input, and realistically I only use them with my Chord DACs.


@Torq Currently looking at a desktop Chord DAC for a Jot R/SR1a combo and eventually HSA/SR1a down the road. You are one of the only people I have seen with all of the above.

For the SR1a would you recommend a used DAVE in the ~$6500 range over a Qutest/HMS combo for roughly the same price point?

Hope all is well with your yachting endeavors :slight_smile:


DAVE on its own is significantly better than the HMS/Qutest combo. In fact, I think DAVE on its own is better than the HMS/Hugo TT 2 combination as well.

And, while they’re different … I’d say Hugo TT 2 on its own is about on the same level overall as an HMS/Qutest or HMS/Hugo 2 combination … provided we’re just talking about using them as DACs.


Anyone tried or owned a Quote EX?

Opportunity to buy one, wondering if it’s worth doing so. Or the 2Qute / Qutest are significantly better.

Anyone compare the amp in the TT2 vs. iFi Pro iCAN in SS mode fed by the TT2 as DAC? I currently have the Hugo 2 to the iCAN which is excellent, but am looking to pair down to maybe the TT2 and GlennOTL. These would mostly be driving ZMFs and 300 ohm Senns.


@TylersEclectic might be able to help? He has a TT2 but no iCAN but he probably got some good info


I love my TT2! It has taken over as the all in one replacement as my DAC and Solid State amp! It really is rather fantastic! I did a comparison of it vs my previous favorite setup recently…


wow, it kicked the T4 out?


Welcome by the way @Jerdy808 , great gear!!


Really waiting for the Hugo 3…I’d love no hiss on my Andro’s and TT detail on my Z1R’s :yin_yang:

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