Mojo 2 - “lossless DSP”

In this era where DSP is becoming extremely popular Chord has updated its famous Mojo to include DSP functionality. What are our thoughts on this?

  • Lower bass 20Hz -9dB/-9dB in 1dB steps
  • Mid-bass 125Hz shelf +9dB/-9dB in 1dB steps
  • Lower treble 3kHz shelf +9dB/-9dB in 1dB steps
  • High treble 20kHz +9dB/-9dB in 1dB steps



Well damn, I mean from someone who doesn’t fully comprehend dsp. The notion I get is audiophile disdain and a sin hahahaha I don’t know just saying that’s what I picked up.

However, the fact that chord themselves program their dac chips and do a great job[for most listeners] at this I doubt that their will be any short comings of this product. They maybe bending and convoluting the sound to their style. If you loved chord before you probably will love this too.

Anything bad or negative on the matter can have one of these ladies and gentlemen with more expertise to give a more thoughtful response or considerable. This is my take on it

I don’t know what it is with audio, if it just strictly comes down to tuning or what it is that I love something and you don’t vice versa. But personally found nothing outstanding about the Mojo. Also my first experience ever with audio using the Qutest and chord power amp left no lasting impression or desire to get a Qutest.

AKM fan boy here

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I think a lot of the disdain for DSP is due to the fact that it introduces loss into your chain. This kind of solves that issue! I also found nothing outstanding about the Mojo. But Then again I haven’t really found anything outstanding about any DAC or Amp at this point.

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Like a lot of these things, “it’s there if you need it.” I enjoy natural DSP as my hearing erodes in the upper registers, but unfortunately there’s no remote to turn it off.

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Hmmmm just took a moment to realize, not sure if a personal or external equalizer is considered the same thing. But like on Roon the dsp function controls parametric EQ. I’m not sure if all EQ is considered DSP or not.

Also equal as well there’s headroom management which lowers the frequency band to avoid clipping and up sampling. I’m not sure if there’s a digital and or maybe analog version of these. Like for example above the Schitt Loki, which I mention in the previous paragraph.

For home theater I mean dsp is what runs Dolby atmos and all those functions DTS:X etc. I mean for movies and such it makes it great and far more immersive.

Then again Bluetooth headphones are great example how to do DSP wrong for the most part. But then again compared to chord those companies are incompetent, so that’s also something to consider.

I’m not sure what the extent or limits of dsp are and which are good or bad. Can’t really say EQ is bad, it helps a lot of things sound better whether done on roon, Loki, or REW. Can’t be bitter about that

Edit: also Crossfeed! Again there maybe a digital version and or analog or whatever you wish to call it. One of my all in one units has the crossfeed function and I’m not certain this can only be attained digitally or by other means.

DSP is digital signal processing. So roon’s crosstalk and parametric EQ fall into that category. EQ that doesn’t is analogue EQ like the Schiit stuff you mentioned. DSP does have a lot of benefits as you mentioned however this device claims to correct for the loss created by DSP. Who knows if this works or is gimmicky/inaudible nonsense but I think if it succeeds it’s a great triumph for the headphone community.

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