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The Hugo 2 is a headphone amp only though. This says the Anni is both headphone and speaker amp (which would then explain why all the holes for ventilation).

It’s not being compared to Qutest. It stacks and is the same size as Qutest.

And apparently not a leak, was no NDA thing breached is my understanding.

I know two of the Australian retailers for them, info and specs just scarce at the moment.

Huh? Its the same price range as a Qutest. Qutest is $1695-1895 USD. $2500 AUD is $1800 USD

I could have sworn their website had a higher price for the Qutest the day the link was live.

I was wrong, oh well the world is must be ending today.

Edit: seriously I expect a better response over that, or no response from you @antdroid
My Qutest comment was in relation to a previous comment comparing it against the Qutest. I don’t even know why I am engaging on a speculation of a product, so I will refrain from making mistakes such as guessing about things I know nothing about, throw in nuclear physics while we are at it…

I think its compared to the qutest based on form factor or at the very least, its outward appearance, which looks like a Qutest and Huei.

Being a Qutest owner, I am intrigued by this.

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Let me make this easy for you, you are taking one line I had out of context. I don’t appreciate it, especially since I already explained in my prior post thus please see the following trail:

When I looked at the link and ventured to see the full Chord line up to confirm it was a Chord I posted the following:

Clearly I was wrong about the price, could have sworn they had the Qutest at a higher price point.

The Qutest comparison is brought up again here:

My response to that with my rhetorical question, and link to head-fi indicating a stack:

I hope that clears up the logical progression

Unless there is something I am missing here?

May I be the first to say “What the fuck are you on about?”

@antdroid reply to you has ZERO malice in it. None. Zip.

If you’re having a bad day and feel like getting cranky at someone, maybe go yell at a checkout chick or something.


If there has been no announcement by Chord and it isn’t posted by any other retailer, it would be a leak.

All dealers have the same information. Some people like to “accidentally leak” ahead of time for SEO benefits and bring more attention to their website.

Unfortunately, dealers that play by the rules and wait until the actual announcement get punished because of this.


Weird. I know two retailers down here, said they checked and wasn’t leaking anything. Maybe its the distributor sending wrong info.

I’m disappointed by the look. You sort of want the glowing silicone ball for the volume control, right?

Keep on living…I am

I am not cranky or having a bad day. What does this have to do with speculation on an unannounced product from Chord?

I’m only sensitive to the issue as it happens with almost every new release. We could have thread upon thread on the forum on new releases since we have the exact same information, we just respect the brand’s wishes by not posting them.

If it wasn’t a leak, the listing wouldn’t have been removed.



Because of the leak, they’ll now show up first as a store when the product is officially announced.

Honest mistakes do happen. Sometimes you’re doing a product page in the backend and accidentally hit active instead of draft, etc… When it happens more than a couple times though, it’s hard to give the benefit of the doubt.


You attacked Antroid for nothing.

That’s what it has to do with. Nothing to do with Chord.

It was just a weird post from you.


@Roark Hey, sorry if stirred something up, but that was definitely not my intention.

The pricing thing was just something I pointed out because it seemed off, but maybe I didnt approach it right?

As for my follow-up regarding the comparison thing, i thought you were asking a question on why people are comparing the two. Apparently, you were not, so maybe I totally misunderstood your intent here.

Anyway, again, I didn’t mean to offend you if I did.


It’s all fine, appreciate the clarification. My apologies if I came across as a clown.


Misunderstandings, it happens… loving this community, if it were on another forum it would have probably gone for pages or until an admin steps in.

Anyways, back to the regular programme.

Interesting that they can fit a speaker amp, if true, into such a small box. I thought the Hypex NCore footprints were small, this, much smaller from the looks of it. I can think of smaller ones and they usually use cheap T.I. or Tripath chips (class T?) which I highly doubt Chord would use. We’ll just have to wait and see.


Rob Watts has confirmed he was not involved with this design.

Looking forward to canjam to learn more about the Anni.


I have a small issue I’m hoping someone can help me with.

I have the HMS/TT2 stack, and all works beautifully. However, when I’m playing a playlist which has files of different resolutions, it takes a second or so for the HMS to detect the scaling-up or scaling-down of the next file, and I will lose the first one second or so of the song.

Is there any setting I can play with to give the HMS that second or so to adjust to the next file’s resolution before the song plays? Has anyone else experienced this?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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What music player software are you using?

Some allow you to set a “Delay on Sample Rate Change” for just this reason. In Roon this setting is called “Resync Delay” (under “Device Setup”), in Audirvana it is called “Additional latency when changing spl. Rate” (under “DAC Input”).

I don’t think the option is available on the TIDAL or Qobuz native streaming clients. No idea about Spotify and pretty sure it isn’t supported by Amazon HD either.


I use Roon so you may have solved my problem - let me play and I’ll report back. Thanks!


You’re a genius. Works like a charm. Thanks!