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Nah, not a genius.

I’ve just run into the issue before, and have near-perfect recall.


Fact or Fiction?

I have a Quetest and am a happy camper. I have watched endless videos on the value of PSUs for the Chord and then read that a PSU will do nothing?

What’s the bottom line; will a quality PSU constitute an upgrade to the listening experience??

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There are lots of variables, so it’s impossible to say for sure in any given case.

In general, I’ve not personally found a case where there was any audible (proper blind evaluation) nor measurable difference in the output of any of Chord’s DACs when their stock PSUs were replaced with fancy external ones.

That’s been true for the Hugo TT 2 and Qutest, both of which have external switching supplies, that feed right into the unit where the incoming power feeds various other switching supplies, and for DAVE when using a big, $6-7,000 custom-designed external PSU that wires directly to the inputs inside the unit (you remove it’s switching PSU).

I’ve even tested using a lab supply, that’s far beyond anything I’ve ever seen or heard of in the audio world, that’d cost you about the same as a well appointed new BMW, and using instrumentation varying from the eponymous APx-555 all the way up to million-dollar LeCroy stuff.

This doesn’t mean there can’t be a difference. But if it is the “night and day” differences some people claim, I have to assume their source power looks like random noise or has other major issues and/or their stock PSUs are iffy.

This has held true for every case I’ve tested where the DAC has its own internal switching supplies.

Now, if you’re talking about replacing switchers or low-quality linear supplies into hardware that has only analog/linear supplies internally, it’s another matter.


I like the convenience of an external power supply to turn the Qutest on and off with a much greater degree of efficiency. That is one improvement. The other is the assurances of having cleaner power in your Qutest. Are their audible differences with the power supply? I think not, however running a Qutest out of an AC regenerator is where sonic improvements are highly evident. :slight_smile:

Mojo 2…when…ever…never?

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I prefer to buy the Qutest. That way I get to choose and perhaps change amplifiers as I wish. The Qutest is a definite for me.


Did the price on the Dave just go way up to $12,595? That’s an impressive 16% increase. All the more impressive, it seems to me, since its going on 7 years old.

Chord’s prices routinely fluctuate. Usually it’s down to exchange rate differences.

In the US, DAVE has ranged from $13,500 down to $10,500.

The changes usually affect the bulk of their product range.

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Isn’t there also a worldwide shortage of electronic parts? That too might be contributing to the price increases.

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Thanks for the answers, deafenears and Torq. That makes sense. Not that I’d blame them the least even if it was just because they thought they could get more profit. But I was surprised by the extent of the jump, especially as I was looking at buying one.

Thanks for your input here. I too have added the Phonitor x to my list of “must hear” after I get my Qutest. As for the Hugo 2, you still have a battery to deal with whether you use it or not. I’m tired of worrying about batteries.

I heard from my Chord dealer in Dallas that the Mojo 2 is a definite new item.

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Can you recommend an AC regenerator?

Yeah, when my Hugo 2 died (fortunately under warranty) it did not work plugged in as it was supposed to even with a dead battery.

Who took care of your Warranty for you? Was it George Meyer Audio/Video Service?

Chord directly. I purchased used so was glad they honored the warranty. Still cost about $75 and 6 weeks wait.

That’s a long time to be without. George-Meyer was about 2 weeks and they do honor Chord warranty - for future reference. They are in California.

definite… when? now or in 2025? :slight_smile:

I got the feeling that it is for this Fall, but I wasn’t given a date. I am going to talk to him again about the Anni as a mate for my new Qutest and I will ask him. I will let you know if I get some good info.

Would love to hear thoughts on Anni too as a fellow Qutest owner. :slight_smile: