Chrono's EQ Profile Compilation

Too much of it and you’ll have diabetes.



Keep in mind, for some of us this is what takes to keep our children healthy -

Never mind the cost of several Utopias a year! (And a Hugo2 or two).
I know no harm is meant, but using this an opportunity to let everyone in this great group know there’s a lot of misunderstanding about this and its causes.


Right. And that’s the beauty of EQ, as I see:
– subtle: healthy;
– too much: trouble.

As simple as that.

PS.: I gave up on using analogies on this forum for a while now. I used a blender instead. It just created confusion. :smile:


Hey Chrono, your EQ on the 660s is different than the one listed here… which is the more updated one?
This thread:
Low Shelf at 80hz, +2dB Q of 0.7
Peak at 150hz, -1.5dB Q of 1.41
Peak at 5500hz, -3dB Q of 5

Low Shelf at 80hz, +2dB Q of 0.7
Peak at 150hz, -1.5dB Q of 1.4
Peak at 5500hz, -5.5dB Q of 5
High Shelf at 11000hz, +1dB Q of 0.7

Or do you have another more updated one?

The ones on this thread are the most recent ones! :+1:t3:


Hi Chrono! Could you please provide me the appropriate preamp value for the the Philips SHP9600’s eq profile you created. I notice on your eq profiles the preamp value is not mentioned. How do we determine this value? Thank you!

The largest boost is 2db so -3db should be enough.

thank you nick! much appreciated man :slight_smile:

You’re welcome - and welcome to the forum!

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Thank you, what would be the correspondent Low Shelf Filter on Peace?

Low Shelf Filter (Standard, no Q option though) ; Low Shelf Filter (Slope in DB) or Low Shelf Filter (Q as a Slope) ?

Would be awesome if you could standardize your EQ presets on something non-proprietary like Peace.

For peace, low shelf no Q value works fine, it’s the one I use on Peace! :grin:

Also, settings should work the same in both Roon and Peace.