Chrono's EQ Profile Compilation

Too much of it and you’ll have diabetes.



Keep in mind, for some of us this is what takes to keep our children healthy -

Never mind the cost of several Utopias a year! (And a Hugo2 or two).
I know no harm is meant, but using this an opportunity to let everyone in this great group know there’s a lot of misunderstanding about this and its causes.


Right. And that’s the beauty of EQ, as I see:
– subtle: healthy;
– too much: trouble.

As simple as that.

PS.: I gave up on using analogies on this forum for a while now. I used a blender instead. It just created confusion. :smile:


Hey Chrono, your EQ on the 660s is different than the one listed here… which is the more updated one?
This thread:
Low Shelf at 80hz, +2dB Q of 0.7
Peak at 150hz, -1.5dB Q of 1.41
Peak at 5500hz, -3dB Q of 5

Low Shelf at 80hz, +2dB Q of 0.7
Peak at 150hz, -1.5dB Q of 1.4
Peak at 5500hz, -5.5dB Q of 5
High Shelf at 11000hz, +1dB Q of 0.7

Or do you have another more updated one?

The ones on this thread are the most recent ones! :+1:t3:


Hi Chrono! Could you please provide me the appropriate preamp value for the the Philips SHP9600’s eq profile you created. I notice on your eq profiles the preamp value is not mentioned. How do we determine this value? Thank you!

The largest boost is 2db so -3db should be enough.

thank you nick! much appreciated man :slight_smile:

You’re welcome - and welcome to the forum!

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Thank you, what would be the correspondent Low Shelf Filter on Peace?

Low Shelf Filter (Standard, no Q option though) ; Low Shelf Filter (Slope in DB) or Low Shelf Filter (Q as a Slope) ?

Would be awesome if you could standardize your EQ presets on something non-proprietary like Peace.

For peace, low shelf no Q value works fine, it’s the one I use on Peace! :grin:

Also, settings should work the same in both Roon and Peace.

Thank you for this, picked up the Sundara and the slight bass boos was definitely appreciated!


In some pieces you can really feel the rumble. Sundaras have been my first ever planars. A good place to start.

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Hey Chrono! :wave:

Did you by any chance try EQing the IE 900? I agree in your review in that the treble does have some peaks that render some instruments unnatural and voices sibilant. I think you mentioned it being around 6k and another one at 8.5k.

I’ll try to start with that but I’m still wondering if you maybe had a profile already and just haven’t updated. Also, would appreciate it if you have any other suggestions with the EQ.

Thanks Chrono! :pray:


Hey, thanks for checking out the EQ’s!

Generally I don’t EQ IEM’s because I mainly use them on the go, where using a parametric EQ is a bit more complicated.

Unfortunately, I don’t have an EQ for the IE900 that I can share. However, I do think that first playing around with the settings at around 5.5-6K, and the ones at 8.5K would be a good place to start with those.

I wish I could be more helpful, but I don’t currently have the IE900 with me. Though, do let me know how your EQ’ing goes, and how you’re liking the IE900!


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Appreciate the response Chrono! I’ll start by playing around with those…

I really like the IE 900 btw, but at first I was fairly disappointed. It wasn’t until I started experimenting around with the included foam filters and tip positions that I finally found a setting I was satisfied with. I tried other 3rd-party tips as well but it ended up messing with the stage a bit. I found out that with the stock tips there are two grooves inside it allowing for two kind of insertion depths (two modes, if you will). So, I ended up with the stock silicone tips inserted halfway on the stem/nozzle with 2 of the foam filters that are in each stock tip shoved inside each eartip. Without 2 of them in, it became too intense for me. Now, it’s pretty much perfect aside from the treble anomaly that can be sometimes distracting.


I think this profile is working alright:

G -2db F 8.5k Q 2
G -3db F 6k Q 4
Pre-amp -3db

I don’t use EQ often but I think that’s pretty conservative. It does sound less distracting tho, so I’ll try this for now…

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