Chrono's EQ Profile Compilation

Hey Everyone! I thought it would be a good idea to compile my EQ profiles into one place so that they’re easily available here on the forums for anyone interested in trying them out.

The EQ I apply brings headphones closer to my personal target, which is very similar to the Harman target. However, compared to the Harman target curve, it has a slightly lower bass shelf, a slightly cooler upper midrange (about 2-3dB less, varies per headphone), and a little more energy for frequencies above 10k (1-2dB more). I’d say it is generally on the warmer-sounding side of things.

The list will be in alphabetical order and organized by manufacturer (use drop down menu to see EQ profiles per headphone model). Headphones made in collaboration with DROP will still be listed under their original manufacturer.

I’ll update this list whenever I edit a headphone’s EQ, or when I’ve created a new profile. I hope you enjoy them! :smiley:

Special thanks to @frkasper for helping me format the post so that it’s easier to navigate!

- Audeze -

EQ List


Low Shelf Filter at 115Hz, +3dB Q of 0.7

Peak Filter at 2000Hz, +3dB Q of 1.41

Peak at 3000Hz, -3dB Q of 1.6

Peak at 7500hz, -2dB Q of 2


Low Shelf at 100hz, +1.5dB Q of 0.7

Peak at 1000hz, -3dB Q of 2

Peak at 3000hz, +4dB Q of 3

Peak at 4000hz, +3.5dB Q of 3

Peak at 6000hz, -4dB Q of 3

Peak at 9000hz, +2dB Q of 4


Peak at 30hz, +1dB Q of 1

Low Shelf at 100hz, +2dB Q of 0.7

Peak at 2500hz, +1.5dB Q of 1.41

Peak at 4500hz, +3dB Q of 2

- Beyerdynamic -

EQ List

DT 990 Pro

Low Shelf at 50hz, +2dB Q of 0.7

Peak at 150hz, -4dB Q of 2.41

Peak at 700hz, +3dB Q of 2

Peak at 3000hz, -3dB Q of 1.8

Peak at 6000hz, -10dB Q of 4

Peak at 8500hz, -11dB Q of 4

Peak at 13000hz, -7dB Q of 6

High Shelf at 14000hz, -1.5dB Q of 7

DT 1990 Pro

Peak at 30hz, +1dB Q of 1

Low Shelf at 100hz, +2dB Q of 0.7

Peak at 250hz, -2dB Q of 1.8

Peak at 2500hz, -1.5dB Q of 2

Peak at 5500hz, -5dB Q of 4

Peak at 8500hz, -11dB Q of 4

- HiFiMan -

EQ List


Peak at 200hz, -2dB Q of 3

Peak at 700hz, -3dB Q of 3

Peak at 1500hz, 3dB Q of 2

Peak at 3000hz, -2dB Q of 2


Low Shelf at 100hz +1.5dB, Q value of 0.7

Peak at 2000hz +2dB, Q value of 1.41

Peak at 3500hz -2dB, Q value of 2.5

Peak at 7000hz -2dB, Q value of 2

- Sennheiser -

EQ List

HD 58X

Low Shelf at 80hz, +2dB Q of 0.7

Peak at 150hz, -3.5dB Q of 1.41

Peak at 3500hz, -1.5dB Q of 3

Peak at 5500hz, -7dB Q of 5

HD 660S

Low Shelf at 80hz, +2dB Q of 0.7

Peak at 150hz, -1.5dB Q of 1.41

Peak at 5500hz, -5.5dB Q of 5


Any ZMF ones floating around?

Haven’t got to those… yet hehe

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Ooh Thank you! that is very handy!! :smiley:

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Oh, I got it this time, thanks!

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I need to ask this question…
Why EQ?
Why not buy the headphones that sound good to you in the first place?


All comes down to personal preferences. I guess the message here is – if one is willing to try EQ, here are some suggested settings for these phones.

It’s optional.


Good question and perfect timing as @Resolve just did a video on EQ yesterday

I don’t personally EQ but that’s mostly because of the inconvenience of having multiple profiles over multiple devices. The argument for EQ is a good one though and I don’t think you can go wrong either way.


To EQ or not to EQ, that is the question!!! :wink: I’m a mild purist (aka lazy and don’t like spending time EQ’ng things, would rather just listen).

Like @frkasper says it all boils down to preferences =) for me it is a time thing and not really liking how EQ messes up the sound sometimes seems to be a give and take when you EQ things… especially digitally…

I don’t always EQ, but when I do I try to do it analog… lol…


That’s an argument for the iFi Pro iDSD’s incremental bass level adjustment and similar types of equipment. All that stuff is analog.



Yeah, I like how iFi does a lot of their “boosts” they make great products for sure =) Not always my preference but, they do good work =)


I hear that!
I’ve tried it a few times then forgot I left a EQ profile on and wondered why thing sounded strange. It;s even worse when you switch headphones,


Indeed. @Resolve performed a miracle there.

I’m actually interested in EQ profiles because I can easily deduce the headphones I’ll probably stay away from. If EQ is needed to make them sound good. Then I’m not in. Period.

However, there’s always the benefit of doubt too. In the end of the day you’ll have to listen to it and make your own judgement.

In addition, I’d split EQ into two categories:

  1. Sound signature changes – the dramatic ones, as shown in the video;
  2. Spicy/Seasoning changes – typically more/less bass/treble.

Lately, I have been much more in the latter territory (2). Headphones may sound weird when pushed through dramatic changes – at least the ones I have. What is dramatic for me? Anything above 3dB for a given frequency range (except low/high shelves).

To finalize, I’ll never forgive @Chrono for EQ’ing the HD58X. Makes me want to cry. :weary:


Hahaha sorry @frkasper, I hope you’ll forgive me for it some day :rofl:


For me it’s like having ice cream… it’s good at its core but sometimes I want toppings on it. A little added flavor. You tune it to your preference, sometimes I want a little more oomph in the bass.

Might not be the best analogy, but that’s all I can think about as I’m crashing from my morning coffee :smile:

Now if you have to EQ a lot… just dump lots of toppings over your icecream… then yea look for different headphones that better fit your prefences haha