Dan Clark Aeon 2C

$500 USD
Ships to continental US

I’m a professional audio engineer, and have been using the AEON 2’s for editing spoken word content. I bought a pair during the Summer of 2020 that developed an issue, and received a brand new replacement, with perforated pads, in January 2021. This is the replacement, and they are pretty much in mint condition. I moved my home studio setup to an acoustically treated and sound-isolated space, and find that I’m using my open headphones and monitors more frequently for mixing.

I don’t have the original box, but the headphones are in excellent condition and would be shipped in the carrying case they come with (in a generic padded box). I received a “certificate of authenticity” and felt tuning pads with my original pair, but not with the replacement. I will include those in the sale.


Good luck with your sale. Amazing price.

These are the best closed planars ever made.


yea, they really are wonderful! and the replacement pair has had no issues. they sound great, and are probably the most comfortable pair of headphones I’ve worn. Looking at oratory1990’s measurements of the perforated pads also lines up with what I’m hearing when I listen; they seem pretty close to the Harman curve. When I was working in my old space, they were a lifesaver because of the sound isolation they gave me. With two street facing windows and a noisy air conditioner, I could still work when using the Aeon 2’s.

Do they come with the stock cables or different cables?

Stock cable. The cable that came with the replacement is actually a little different than what I got originally - and it’s an improvement. The original stock cable was covered in fabric and had a tendency to twist and kink. The newer cable that I assume they’re now shipping with all Aeons is more flexible and thinner, covered in a soft rubber. I found it to be a much better cable that had no issues with memory or twist or microphonics.

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Great price, good luck with your sale!

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Thanks for your interest everyone! These are now SOLD