Happy October. Caution, spooky! DCA Aeon 2 Noire



I’m almost tempted to get the Aeon Flow’s because how aesthetically pleasing they are.

But just can’t quite convince my wallet that my untrained ears will notice the improvement in sound over my existing Aeon Flow’s.

They’ve grown on me. At first, I wasn’t a fan but the more I look at them and hold them the more I like their design. The curved edges make it really soft to grab. Not alot of sharp edges.


In the last month I’ve used only them at home.
With tubes they get so lovely.
Very comfortable and non fatiguing in sound, no sound pressure on ears.
And since the eye’s involved too that understated black look really appeals to me.
I’m really happy with them.


Funny you should mention that. IDK if I brought that point up but that’s one of the reasons I swapped the pair of Focal Celestee I got with these.
And now that I have a pair of ZMF Verite I have that pressure again. :tired_face:

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Ear pressure is a big deal for me.
When was a pro cyclist I had a serious accident and damaged my mandibular bones.
Since then my ears become very sensible to external pressure.
I listened to Celestée last year before their release thanks to the courtesy of Focal. They sounded great and very enjoyable but after 20 minutes sound pressure became a issue.
With Noire never had this issue so that they are my daily driver.
I’m sorry to read you have similar problems.

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Thanks for your sympathy!

What I’m finding is EQ can help. Harmon curve seems to tone it way down.

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Never mind.
Thanks to you for the hint.

Hi - do you eq your Noires? I am thinking of a pair for my daughter…

Yeah I did. I used the oritory1990 eq on PEACE.

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