Dan Clark Audio Stealth - Flagship Closed-Back Headphones

Just announced about an hour ago, the Dan Clark Audio Stealth is Dan Clark’s newest headphone and also their new flagship, coming in at $3999.

It also enters the very limited flagship closed-back space where there isn’t a ton of competition so it will be very interesting to see how this one turns out.

Highlights from DCA

  • Patent-pending Acoustic Metamaterial Tuning System (AMTS) delivers unprecedented high-frequency detail and clarity for the ultimate in smoothness, tone, and detail retrieval
  • All-new 4th generation v-Planar driver with our largest planar diaphragm to date, delivering exceptional dynamics with vanishingly low distortion for a natural and “easy” listen
  • Improved driver tensioning system creates a driver with incredible consistency across units
  • FEA and CFD optimized motor structure increases driver motor-force uniformity and smoothes acoustic flow
  • All-new auto-adjusting suspended strap design makes Stealth hassle-free to wear
  • Pre-formed ergonomic strap design spreads weight evenly across the head for incredibly comfortable extended listening
  • Strap quilting improves comfort and reduces heat buildup
  • Composite synthetic suede and protein-leather pads offer a sung fit with minimal clamp, with a pleasant touch on the skin
  • Carbon / aluminum bonded cup design yields maximum stiffness with minimum weight
  • Folding gimbals allow Stealth to be packed in a compact case for safe and easy transport
  • Stealth is designed and built by hand in San Diego, California, and is backed by quality and support you can count on

Resolve’s initial impressions video


Jude’s video from Head-Fi is live

Our demo unit shipped out today so @Resolve should have some early impressions and measurements up next week.


Do you know the Ohm and sensitivity numbers?


Dan’s never been big on posting specs for his headphones so I don’t believe anything is available yet.


Website has some but nothing on ohm or sensitivity.

  • Driver: 62mm x 34mm single-ended planar magnetic
  • Driver matching: 0.25db weighted 20-10,000Hz
  • THD: less than 0.03% 20-20KHz, ref. 1KHz at 90dB
  • Headband: Nickle-Titanium
  • Baffle: Carbon Fiber
  • Ear Pads: Synthetic Suede and Leather

Also Jude’s measurements for those not wanting to, or do not have the time to watch the video right now:

I’m probably in the minority in that I prefer circular cups over the D-shaped ones (or oval/egg for that matter).

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“In terms of sensitivity, it takes around 370 mVrms to reach 94 dBSPL (1 Pa) at 1 kHz.” Jude just posted that so a bit of information there. Not exact specs but its something!


Just so yall don’t embares yourself like I did, dca doesn’t have their own show room so you gotta wait for other local dealers to have them for a demo. They said closest to their location is the source av in Torrance

They’ll be available at CanJam Socal for demo as well at the DCA booth as well as Headphones.com booth for anyone attending.


Thanks. Trying to sort out if driving it properly is going to be closer to Focal Stellia or a ZMF Verite C. Maybe it doesn’t matter too much. Interested in Resolve’s conclusions. Seems I always buy what he recommends. Thanks for the effort. I could not find anything after watching video.

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That 7kHz peak… Hmmm.

:thinking: :expressionless:

Better not be a grainy mess like the Aeon.

Amir over at ASR has a review up with some extra information.

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Did he listen to it at 107dB?


Only for a split second… Because y’know, peak and all that :wink:


These look like someone ripped them out of an SR-71, so cool. High praise from Jude, but I know his preferences are a little different than mine. Looking forward to @Resolve’s review!


Oh yes, measured impedance 23 Ohm and sensitivity numbers close to the HEDD.


I dig the look of these and I’m sure comfort will also be good considering their track record. But oof! That price is hard to swallow…


Did he listen to them without pads, since pads don’t effect the sound? :rofl:

Hopefully these aren’t dynamically compressed like the Aeons. They sure do look cool!


Either that or someone was a Star Wars fan. It’s very Imperial red and black. How about the following as a test track?


Bold move to suddenly release a $4k closed back planar. Following.


That price is STEEP. Very curious to hear what @Resolve has to say about these. Bold for DCA given the lukewarm reception of his other headphones, but maybe this iteration is the winner. They certainly look super cool!