David Clark or Bose?

David Clark or Bose? Pros/cons, can you use for both general and commercial aviation applications?

If by “general” use you mean listening to music or using them as headsets to make calls, then yes you can do that with models from either Bose or David Clark (not all models allow that, so check).

Non-cockpit connections are either through an auxiliary cable/adapter or in some cases Bluetooth.

The Bose units, well the A20 at least, are going to do a better job with non-aviation needs (and even have app-driven EQ capabilities) than others, but understand these are voice/comms focused units first and foremost.

And then it’ll depend on what you’re flying as units that work well in the cockpit of a commercial jet air liner are not necessarily suitable for use in, say, a Cessna 172 or a helicopter (not just in terms of connectivity, but also due to the significant difference in noise levels).

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This post made me go to the Google machine.
All I could think of was Dave Clark, which made me feel Glad All Over.

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I’ve been working in and around helicopters since 1978 and a helicopter pilot for 33 years now. As such I was a huge fan of David Clark headsets. But it was the performance of the Bose-X headsets compared to the very rudimentary (at that time) noise cancelling DC’s, that made me switch. Since then I’ve upgraded to the Bose A20’s as well as using some company-provided Lightspeed Zulus. Sadly, I’ll probably never use another set of DC’s in my career. I still have my original pair from the early 1980’s that probably belong in a museum, but remind me of the feeling that I was a “real member” of rotary wing aviation. I’m sorry I can’t give you a current day comparison of “modern” David Clarks, but I can assure you that you can’t go wrong with the latest products from Bose for aviation use.


hey JRManning, you have such a great 33 years of experience as a chopper pilot and please don’t be sorry it’s my pleasure to have a comment on my post from your side. thanks :+1:

I prefer bose, Their service is impeccable. If I have a problem I can send and repair years out of warranty.

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