Motorcycle In-Ear Choices

I have communications gear attached to my motorcycle helmet. The microphone is a separate plug-in to the device so I don’t need or want a microphone. Wind noise is the issue. I would prefer a passive noise cancelling, in-ear, headphone. Thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.


I will be using them for: (Travel, commuting, home, gym, etc…): Both road and adventure riding.

By passive noise cancelling you mean isolating right? Also what is your budget?

Yes, on the isolating. So, my budget is <120 US (rough environment for too much ). I was running Etymotic 5s (older model from 4 years ago) which were ok, but I suspect the tech has improved.

I use Westone W-10 with their Bluetooth adapter. I usually do not play music but, when I do, I’m pleased. (Considering the environment) The mic on the BT doesn’t work it my helmet, but you stated it isn’t a concern for you.

  • The Bt cable was 149USD when newly released. I suspect one can find it cheaper now.
  • The W-10 was $199. I have seen them for $149 around the web. I don’t see a reason to go upmarket in the Westone line considering the listening environment.

My primary concerns were passive sound attenuation and the dang things staying on when I slipped the helmet over my ears. The W-10 did both; However, I do wear a ‘du-rag’ over them to ensure they stay in place while donning the helmet.