DNA Speakers

You know you get the feeling of X-mas when this box arrives

I didn’t know but DNA audio also sold speakers…long ago. Donald North of DNA audio kindly offers free cabinets of his sonic decour speakers, details here: DNA Sonic Décor On-Wall Speakers on wall mount speakers bookshelf speakers

Being a hardcore fan of his audio philosophy and amps I couldn’t resists and got cabinets just for the price of shipping. A full crossover schematic is available and limited supply of partial kits may be available. That’s how I got my DNA speakers, cabinets partial crossover parts and a need to go outside of the box.

I’ve always wanted good, transparent, get out of the way media speaker system for youtube/movies and occasional chill music. In the past I’ve tried a Sony bookshelf and matching subwoofer driven by a Sherwood receiver, that didn’t last long for various reasons.
Once the headphone bug bit hard and had the Apex Teton and DNA Stellaris among other I wanted a comparable speaker system. A SimAudio Moon 600i and Harbeth P3ESR were acquired, great sound but engagement was lacking for some reason.
Other options were explored but I could never click on the speaker side.

Enter DNA speakers. I’ve owned them for a couple of months, as a headphone high-z manic tone is paramount.

Communication with Donald is always first class, I soon received a package consisting of cabinets and crossover parts. The cabinets are impeccably finished and the crossover, while an interesting challenge to mount in a tight space was in the end a puzzle solving pleasure.

Donald still has limited supply of twitters and mid drivers, I was lucky enough to get them and the crossover was built to his specs. Even if the urge to go crazy cap foils was there I saw enough reason to use the same type of MKT caps and I’m happy I did.

Silicone was used to faux glue things into place, after installing all the parts and letting them set overnight I was ready for the first listen.

Initial impressions were very positive for a speaker noob, they lack the hifi sound of commercial speakers and give of an extremely smooth presentation without a hint of sharpness or forceness.

I went with Donald’s recommendation and got a REL Strata III subwoofer, one reason was the same cherry wood finish as the speakers and my media furtniture

The REL for some reason made the DNA speakers sound ever better, not just low end but soundstage as well.

The end result is a new window into media enjoyment, cracking low end even the Susvara or Abyss TC pales against. Still I do prefer headphones as a personal thing but there’s no arguing with how enjoyable DNA speakers are and I know they’re be my primary way of casual listening.

I think Donald still has cabinets in need of good homes so you might be lucky if you want a nice media system.

Many thanks to @Djnorth for this fantastic experience.