DUNU - General Brand Discussion and IEM Impressions

To wrap out our teaser schedule, I’m excited to share a bit of a roadmap we have for this year.

Please note, a lot of things are up in the air from shells, tuning, and other releases that have not been announced yet + will not be until proper announcement are made.

I wanted to clear this up as there has been a bit of confusion about what’s confirmed and what hasn’t, as well as comments about other topics that I’d like to address.

We will be bringing some of these releases to shows and meets as we can. We are looking at attending both Canjam SoCal and Dallas this year, but none of that is confirmed. I will update shows we are attending in China and the rest of the world as we hear more information from our mainland team.

Currently, we have confirmed the following:

  • A first release sometime in April to May that sets the standard for this year.
  • SA6 Mk2 - Nothing final about this release outside of driver count that will remain the same.
  • SA16 - Nothing is final about this release outside of driver count and TOTL status (12 BA + 4 EST).
  • SA10 - Nothing is final about this release outside of driver count (6BA + 4 EST).
  • A single DD successor to the Luna and Zen Pro. Nothing is final about this release. When it’s done, it’s done.
  • A few other releases that will be announced as they are ready to be launched as more traditional products.
  • More™ soon™…cables…accessories, you know how we du don’t nu?

As always, things can change. Things get pushed back, moved around, and other surprises get bumped forward. It’s just the nature of the industry we’re in! We will do our best to communicate that to you through our thread here and other official social platforms.

We also have begun discussions around a dealer in the EU to provide a little more access to DUNU products, and we will hopefully be able to share more info on that soon if negotiations work out. So the brand is aware, if you’d support this dealer and purchase our products through them, please quote this post so we can get some sort of aheadcount.

Headphones.com ran by @TaronL and Andrew will continue to serve as our major dealer in North America, and we are excited to continue growing the relationship with them in many ways.

The theme of this year for the company is “future” and with that in mind, we are very excited about what’s coming soon™.

Until then, happy listening and discussing our current products! Want us to consider making a product? Drop a reply with an idea. You never know where it go :)


I want another Zen. Call it a Zen Pro Ultra or whatever. I want another Zen.

I want a Zen Pro+ Max-Ultra. I know you’re hiding it back there.

I DUNU about that! Heheh.