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I have found any hiss presence to drive me up a wall. That’s why the q5s-tc over bluetooth is a dead end for me.

It seems like the signature is a better option for IEM usage. Does that work with an apple cable? (I had it, and I thought I tried that and needed the CCK, but maybe I didn’t try it directly)


Yes, they have the exact same connection! Different mixtures of power modes and the built-in IEMatch should solve any hiss related problems you may have. We have a Signature thread here too, so would love to hear your feedback there as well if you go that route!

Right now there isn’t one available from a company I am willing to buy from.

Also, not having Bluetooth as an option is making it really difficult to justify.

But if I get one again, I will post about it here!

I don’t think there is a thread for the Signature. I looked and didn’t find one before I bought mine a couple weeks ago. I’ve been using it with the Dunu SA6, which might be overkill, but I wanted the best thing I could use to listen in any room in the house, and it sounds amazing. No hiss at all.


I am struggling with cables from my iphone. I end up with a spiderweb that I can’t deal with. Driving me crazy. How are you dealing with that?

Also welcome to the forums!

Welcome to the forums! I’ll get one started, swear there was one but might have been on our main brand thread.

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Look at me, having such a powerful effect on the forums with my very first post! Seriously, though, thanks for the welcomes.


I got a USB cable extension cord and hooked that to the lighting to usb adapter that goes in the iPhone. That way I can have the Signature on the coffee table or whatever and I can pick up my phone if I need to without it having to be attached to the amp. Not the most elegant solution in the world, but it works. I agree that Bluetooth would be better.

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I had the signature briefly and found that was the only time I could really use it (seated with a long cable). Unfortunately, most of my use time requires more mobility than that.

Focusing on finding a dap that works for me instead (frees up the phone).

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Well, I now have 4 cables. So I thought I would write about them.

From left to right, stock moondrop blessing 2 dusk cable (2-pin), dunu duw-02 (2-pin), dunu duw-03 (mmcx - stock cable with zen), dunu blanche (mmcx). And a bunch of the dunu interchangeable connectors in different colors with a BTR5 my primary listening device.

I am not going to comment on sound. If they sound different, it does not matter at all to me. My primary focus is which cables are more usable (Like most everything else I look for in audio enhancements). I have no opinion on the “cables make a difference” debate one way or another. I am not even a/b testing these.

Let me start with the moondrop standard cable (2-pin - free). If I did not obtain the others, I would have very few complaints about this. There are advantages to having the fixed and smaller connector on a thinner cable. It’s a bit more prone to kinking and maybe tangling (you can see it kinking a bit more in the picture), but the way I use cables, that is a problem on all of them. For a stock cable at the dusk price point, I honestly don’t have any complaints. It doesn’t have a chin choke thing? (what’s that called?) It’s not the best, but it’s not bad either. I bought the dunu duw-02 simply to get the connector system.

The duw-02 (2-pin $80 with 3.5 connector only) is the bar all cables should hit. There is basically nothing wrong with it. I mean, if someone could come up with a slightly smaller modular connecting system, sure, that would improve things. On the BTR5, that connector can be just slightly more annoying than the moondrop stock cable. But, what you get for that is very nice. I leave connectors with their devices and move the cable. So there is a 3.5mm in my apple dongle, 2.5 in my BTR5 and pentacon in the dap (if I have one). This is wonderful. I am tempted to buy another one in mmcx as backup/extra. One gripe, charging $20 per connector for the extras is just ridiculous. Just up the cost of the cable and include them all like you do on the duw-03 and blanch.

The duw-03 (mmcx - free with Zen & SA6 - $189 separately with all connectors). Again, if I didn’t have this one, I wouldn’t notice what was inferior about the duw-02. And that is largely build materials. Metal connectors and choker thing (really, I need a name for it). It does have one potential downside: It’s much thicker and stiffer. This may be a positive or a negative depending on how you use it. It’s very sturdy, which does make it a touch less flexible. Not really an issue for me, but it’s something that could make a cable at that cost not worth it.

The dunu blanche (mmcx - $329 separately with all connectors). This cable may be the perfect balance between duw-02 and duw-03. It’s a bit thinner, so if the thickness of the duw-03 is a thing for you, this is good. However, it costs the same as the dusk IEM, and that seems a bit pricey to me. Now, it should be noted, it is a pure silver litz type 1 cable. If that’s a thing you care about, there it is. Do I care? probably not. I think it is slightly more kink prone due to it’s thinner nature, and possibly more than the duw-02.

All of them had roughly similar (and low) amounts of telephonic noise from movement. All have that additional plastic molding around the ears that seems to alleviate that. All worked well.

I find the three dunu cables to be very attractive. While the duw-02 is less flashy and inherently more my style, the other two don’t go overboard for me. In the picture, the blanche looks very white, and it is, but it has far more depth and coloration than that picture really shows. In fact, it almost looks closer to what the duw-03 looks like in the picture (which has even more depth/texture/coloration in real life). Whatever color the moondrop cable is doesn’t really appeal to me.

It’s pretty clear to me that if I were to pick the highest value cable, it would be the dunu duw-02. Assuming you are willing to spend money on a cable, this is my standard goto. If it were mmcx I would probably give it a run on my Zen and see if there is any difference to the blanche.

Also, headphones.com provided the Dunu Blanche cable as a solution to a problem I was having with the included duw-03 connectors with the zen. It was not free, but it was not full price either. I am very happy with the service! :+1:


Great comparison @Dynamic Thank you.


Two other comments:

  1. 2-pin vs mmcx. 2-pin is easier for me but mmcx is more secure. I just haven’t found a good way to take them off. (I almost want to buy the final audio a8000 IEM just for the included mmcx removal tool. $2,000 well spent?)

  2. Elbow vs straight. These are highly situational. But I think straight connectors from dunu would be a nice offering. Pocket use is better for straight, but any other use is likely better with an elbow.

That’s it!

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I would like to do a bit of a tips comparison. But, I don’t know what to get. I have the tips that came with Zen, Dusk and Azla Xelastec. I would compare them on my Zen, so I would probably post here.

But what tips would people recommend I add to the comparison? Anything I can buy easily on amazon is fine. Fit wise, I don’t seem too picky. I definitely like larger tips as they seem to create a more comfortable seal. But I have all six sizes of xelastec, and they all work. (better on dusk than zen though)

I am asking because I left a set of tips it came with on the zen, and thought they had died because everything sounded awkward and tinny. Now I want to explore all the differences.

So, got tips?

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I’m curious to see what replies you get, every IEM I’ve used the plain-jane medium tips that they come with seal and work perfectly for me.

Mark Gosdin

Probably wasn’t the thread to ask on. :wink: that’s ok, putting together an amazon cart.

So far the large solid color bluish ones that came with the zen are my favorite on it. The xelastec don’t work as well because they tend to push the iem out of my ear until they warm up enough. That is a problem when the iem is in and out all day.

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Thanks for this @Dynamic. I found this very informative. The modularity of the Dunu Cables really appeals to me. The fact that you don’t get all the required connectors in one package is disappointing though.

I will be better off just getting the connectors separately and integrating them with my cable collection.

Only the duw-02 doesn’t come with them all. Total price with all 3 connectors would be $120. Not the end of the world. Although, headphones.com doesn’t have the connectors so you have to order them elsewhere.

It should also be noted: they have a usb-c connector made to connect to android phones. Acts as dac/amp (like an apple dongle). So literally, this could be the only cable you need. This connector is always sold separately. ( I have heard it comes with the luna, but I don’t know if that is true)

Neat stuff. I like dunu cables. I don’t see any point in experimenting further unless someone comes up with a better modular system. Currently I would just use one of these cables on any new favorite IEM I obtain. (Also, things like the odin coming with a $1300 cable is seriously frustrating when I know I will replace it with one of these). Given the personal nature of IEM accessories, I would love to see manufacturers offer IEM only purchase options.


My Hart cables are very similar. I decided to test drive them on my current vacation, so I brought the headphone adapters for my Nio IEM and Sony noise canceling headphones, plus the 3.5mm adapter for my iPod Touch or Oppo DAC/amp. Similar to your experience with the Dunu cables, from an ease of use perspective, it’s so great to be able to connect and disconnect in seconds.

The downside of the Hart cables is that they are thicker than a typical IEM cable. The thickness doesn’t bother me and I was able to loop them around my ears with no issue, and wear them for hours, but I would imagine a lot of people would prefer the look of the Dunu.


I love hart audio cables. But for IEMs I was worried about thickness. Hart audio cables should be the standard for all cables for over ear headphones. Headphones should just come with the 18” connector and you add extenders / adapters as you want.

Before I got rid of over ears I used 18” headphone to extender to connector. Intent was to buy 18” headphone side connectors for each headphone.

This is why I wanted the dunu. I was gonna try hart but 2-pin is a custom order. And I also don’t care to swap iems the same way i was going to swap over ears.

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