Ear cushions for Sennheiser AEBT M2

The type of headphone I am looking for is (Closed-back, open-back, in-ear, wireless, etc):

My price range is:

I like to listen to:

I will be using them for: (Travel, commuting, home, gym, etc…):
Looking for new pads for my M2 Sennheiser phones. The original are beginning to flatten out.
It seems that OEM pads are constantly out of stock, Ideally, it would be nice to find a set that are slightly larger than the originals. My ears are normal size but the stock pads are too crowded.
I’m somewhat wary of purchasing the various $10 to 15 pads from Amazon.
It appears that Dekoni has a set but they are pricier that OEM and seem to be no bigger in addition to being made of fake leather.
Any suggestions or experience with pads that at the very least don’t degrade the sound?