Electret/static/icty IEM

After coming to the conclusion that realistically, I only need one pair of IEMs (and airpods ofc) as compared to multiple headphones at home, I’m trying to get a pair that would set me free for the next couple years.
And my attention has been brought to electrewhatever IEMs.
Due to their high costs (and rarity) I’ve only had exposure to one.

Is there any super high-end collectors that have vast experience with this, any recommendations? Especially mainstream models like the Noble Khan/EE Wraith(saw this in the store… ouch the $$$)/Fearless Lancelot(bad guy good audio gave a good review on them)/BVGP ES12/Any other I missed.

Great amount of appreciation in advance!

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What is budget looking like ? The Shure KSE1200 / 1500 might be a good option for you if the budget permits it !

That is the one I’ve had exposure to. Loved it, was going to buy it except the amp module is way too big for me and for portability…

“Real” electrostat IEMs (KSE1200, 1500, Stax) are very different animals from piezoelectric driver IEMs (Khan, Wraith). The former uses a single electrostatic driver for full range reproduction, and the latter usually restricts electrostat performance to the treble range.

If you don’t want the box, you’re stuck with hybrid designs. To me, the ones I’ve heard so far are pretty much all compromises and don’t offer enough over full-BA designs to justify the price. The Elysium comes closest but having demoed it side by side with a few (significantly lower driver count) Japanese designs, I can’t see it at the price point.

Personally, if I wanted a “do everything” IEM, I would look at a more proven design (e.g. A18t, VE8, 335 dwsr) over the exotics.


That’s quite interesting, thanks for the information!